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Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X

Simulates a natural breeze, giving you soft,
gentle wind whenever you want it

  • Gentle

    Comfortable and soothing

  • Compatible with
    Google assistant

    Voice commands

  • 140°

    Ultra-wide ventilation angle

  • 14 m [1]

    Maximum ventilation range

  • 26.6 dB (A) [2]

    Ultra-low operating noise

  • 100 steps

    Fine wind speed setting

Changes in wind speed achieve an irregular ventilation effect
Making you feel closer to nature

Unlike artificial DC ventilation, the speed of comfortable natural wind changes without rhyme or reason,
preventing you from rapidly losing heat and humidity. Based on natural wind data collected over an
extended time period, the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X uses an algorithm to simulate the irregular
speed changes of natural breezes, cooling you with a relaxing, refreshing breeze.

Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X wind speed curve schematic

Broad-surface fan blades
Cuts the air flow into finer,
more comfortable segments

The seven customized broad-surface fan blades of the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X
allow the air flow to be evenly and densely segmented, more effectively
replicating the gentleness and warmth of a natural breeze and generating
a minutely agitated wind that will give you all the comfort of a spring breeze
as it touches your skin.

A fine breeze whenever you want it
Learning commands with Voice Control

A 100-step wind speed and a 140° head swing range to satisfy even the most delicate of needs.


  • "Hey Google,
    turn standing fan to speed 2"

  • "Hey Google,
    turn on standing fan"



14 m maximum ventilation range [1]
Evenly distributes air-conditioned
air within your indoor spaces

The brushless DC motor of the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1X incorporates a
lossless design for seamlessly smooth speed changes, allowing the fan
to blow naturally and consistently up to 14 m outward. When used in
conjunction with an air conditioner in summer, the fan can ensure that
cool air is evenly distributed throughout your indoor space.

26.6 dB (A) minimal operating noise [2]
A cool breeze for an undisturbed night`s sleep

Less than 10 kWh consumption over an entire summer [3]

39° adjustable upward
and downward tilt [4]
Cools you, regardless of
whether you are standing or sitting

Top-mounted control pushbutton [5]
Can also be operated when standing

Mi is dedicated to letting everyone enjoy science and technology.

We use AI, IoT and other leading core technologies to make each product with dedication, and bring you a smart lifestyle you can touch.
Our natural, unobtrusive, clean, people-oriented product design concepts have won more than 400 national and international design awards, making our products more like works of art.
Xiaomi's rigorous quality control system, reasonable pricing management and approach to combining technology and aesthetics brings a smart lifestyle within your reach.

[1] 14 m maximum ventilation range: This data was provided by Zhejiang Xingyue Group Electronics R&D Center; the wind speed using a 4-step mode DC fan at a range of 14 m was 0.26 m/s in a laboratory with a temperature of 14.5°C and 53% humidity. (Report serial number: XYYF-19-0124-1);
[2] 26.6 dB (A) minimal operating noise: This data was provided by Zhejiang Xingyue Group Electronics R&D Center; actual running noise in single-step natural wind mode was 26.6 dB (A) (report serial number: WS1-19-006);
[3] 9.2 kWh for an entire summer: This data was provided by Zhejiang Xingyue Group Electronics R&D Center; in single-speed operation without oscillation, working output was 0.128 kW; assuming 8 hours of daily operation and a summer of 90 days, this equates to a total of 9.2 kWh.
[4] 39° adjustable upward and downward tilt: This data was provided by Zhejiang Xingyue Group Electronics R&D Center; 23° upward angle and 16° downward angle provide a combined 39° adjustment angle.
[5] The Wi-Fi indicator screenprinted logo may differ by batch; see the actual product for details.

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