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Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver

A superior shave to begin a superior day

Omnidirectional Floating Shaver Heads | Linear Magnetic Suspension Motor | High-Frequency Sonic Cavitation Bubbles

Integrated five-blade head

Omnidirectional floating shaver-heads

Linear magnetic suspension motor

Smart electronic control

IPX7 waterproof rating

USB-C universal fast charge

Extraordinary performance

Confidence and calm throughout the day starts with the little details in the morning. The Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver features an innovative linear magnetic suspension motor that delivers constant power to the omnidirectional floating head. These cutting-edge features give you more control for a cleaner, easier shave.

Five blade heads and three different blade shapes Trims any beard style in a single pass

Deep bionic foil shaver ×2

Voronoi® (Thiessen Polygon)* ultra-thin foils are modelled after the polygonal pattern structure of a dragonfly's wing. Just 55μm thick, they precisely conform to the contours of your face. The blade cuts hairs at the root and distributes friction evenly as it slides across the skin, providing a smooth and comfortable shaving experience without extra effort.

Precision lifting blade ×1

Reaches deep to cleanly cut curly and soft hairs growing close to the skin's surface.

Curved blades for long hairs ×2

Features curved U-shaped slots to efficiently capture and cut hairs of all different lengths.

Omnidirectional floating shaver-heads Glides smoothly along your face

The innovative omnidirectional floating shaver heads are capable of tackling complex and variable facial contours. While the blade head flexes with each curve, the blade foil continuously adjusts to stick close to the skin as it moves, providing both efficiency and comfort.

30° ultra-sharp angle blade
Cuts each hair at the root

The precision inner blade is made of high-quality stainless steel with a sharp 30° angle and a scientifically designed blade edge for enhanced cutting performance and durability. Trims hairs quickly, reducing the need for multiple passes while providing exceptional durability and wear-resistance.

* This image is for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the actual product. Accurate to within ±5°.

Linear magnetic suspension motor
Powerful direct drive inner blades

The innovative linear magnetic suspension motor uses highly elastic materials combining rigidity and toughness. It offers resistance against heat, pressure, and wear and tear, while providing powerful direct transmission power to drive the high-speed oscillation inner blades at speeds of up to 15000 rpm*. So powerful you can feel it.

Smart electronic control delivers consistent speed and power
For a thorough, stress-free shave

An integrated microcontroller uses an innovative electronic control program to deliver consistent high power. The electronic control program ensures consistent speed from the motor, for a fast, powerful and smooth shave, even for thick beards or when the battery level is low. Say goodbye to stalling and pinched hairs. Say hello to one-pass smooth shaving.

Intelligent consistent speed

Long-lasting power

* This image is for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the actual product.

Safe high-capacity battery
USB-C port for easy charging

The lithium-ion battery provides safe, stable power. USB-C universal ports have no front or back, and can be plugged in either way for easy charging. Capable of running for 90 minutes after a full charge*. Allows one full shave after charging for just 3 minutes*.


Battery Capacity


Universal Port


Long Battery Life

* This image is for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the actual product.

IPX7 waterproof rating
Acoustic cavitation bubble cleaning

High-frequency sonic waves produce cavitation bubbles that scrub and rinse the foil slots, instantly cleaning away dirt and debris for a deep and thorough clean.





Unpleasant odors

Symmetrical magnetic head
Automatically snaps into place

The magnetic shaver head can be fitted in either direction and snaps into place automatically, making it easily removable for easy cleaning. The protective cover included with the blade head protects against dust and damage when you take your shaver out.

A shaver you'll love
From start to finish

The upright one-piece body design features a comfortable finish. Fits naturally in your hand, so you can take charge of grooming.

White, orange and red lights
Indicate the battery level

* Utility model patent for blade head connection structure. Patent no.: ZL201920516356.9.

* Utility model patent for blade floating structure. Patent no.: ZL201920516354.X.

* Utility model patent for floating structure of cutter head. Patent no.: ZL201821386913.1.

* Utility model patent for linear magnetic suspension motor. Patent no: ZL201920516353.5.

* Patent for exterior design of magnetic suspension motor (linear). Patent no.: ZL201930168488.2.

* Omnidirectional floating shaver heads allow the blades to float in all directions.

* IPX7 waterproof rating indicates that the shaver can be submerged in up to 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes without causing damage. IPX7 waterproof rating report no.: 2019-SA-11213. Tested by the China Quality Certification Center South China Laboratory.

* Voronoi® (Thiessen polygon) ultra-thin foil refers to the polygonal structure of the foil, similar to the pattern on a dragonfly's wing.

* Motor speed 15000 rpm, test report no.: WTF19F11083094S. Tested by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd in Foshan.

* Capable of running for 90 minutes after a full charge, test report no.: WTF19F11083094S. Tested by Waltek Services Test Group Ltd in Foshan.

* Allows one full shave after charging for just 3 minutes, calculated based on a 5-minute shaving time.

* The shaver is a personal care product, and once unpackaged is not eligible for the unconditional 7-day return policy except in case of quality defects. The product comes with a two-year warranty. The head assembly is considered a consumable part and not covered by the warranty.

* The first time you use this product, you may experience irritation such as itching, redness or soreness. Do not apply pressure when shaving. After several consecutive uses, the skin will adapt to the new device.

* Unless otherwise stated, all the above test data is from the Smate Technology Laboratory. Actual performance may vary depending on differences in environment.

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