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Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Reviews

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is a perfect example of sports meeting your style statement. Unlike its predecessors, it has a very stylish metallic midframe which comes along with not only the silicon straps but also a new version of band straps. This can be described as an infusion of leather and metal in one strap which transforms the band into a fashionable chain bracelet. This new strap makes the band more comfortable and lighter so we can now easily make it our go-to accessory.

The unique braided strap is breathable and therefore perfect for summer. The band is surely going to make you stand out from the crowd due to the premium leather and rivet details this time! There is a huge variety of different coloured straps to choose from so be ready to express your taste by making an adorable choice.

This was a short introduction giving you a glimpse of how the Xiaomi Band 8 looks, its tiny details and specifications are reviewed below for your instance:



Track your health with the ease of your Wrist!

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 is more like a fashion-forward fitness tracker. It supports 150+ sports and fitness modes including walking, running, cycling, weightlifting, swimming and more. It can track professional data such as stride frequency, stride length, ground contact vacancy ratio, ground impact force and much more. Just like the previous Xiaomi smart band 7, this one will also keep a record of your sleep patterns, blood oxygen level, heart rate, stress levels and female menstrual cycle. The best one out of all features is that this band can adhere to your shoes with the running clip and with the help of pebble mode, it can give you 13 professional interpretations of data.

You can improve your fitness routine with this one accessory. With the smart companion mode, you can make your exercise interesting as it enables you to run with a partner! It also offers several on-wrist running courses so there is no need to hire a fitness coach, you can achieve your goals by joining these built-in courses with different training intensities to suit your own physical condition and activities.


An attractive display will never make you bore!

If we review the design and display of the Xiaomi Smart Band 8, the sleekness of the metal body wins the game! It is equipped with a 1.62-inch AMOLED display with a 60 Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate delivers a super smooth experience with eye-catching operation and swipe motions. There is also an option for automatic brightness adjustment with precise adaptation to the ambient brightness. So whenever you raise your wrist, it will alter to perfect brightness that is also gentle on your eyes.

The numerous watch faces are so fresh and interesting this time that you won't get bored of it and you will get soothing entertainment each day. Xiaomi shows a new way to wear the metallic frame in the form of a pendant which will make your life easier. The new quick-release mechanism elevates the strap to a new level transforming the band into a piece of smart jewellery. You can match the watch faces with your outfits as there are more than 200 fashionable faces available with always-on display. It wipes off the excuse for some people that it only suits with the tracksuit or gym clothes.


Improved Battery-Life

Xiaomi claims that the Smart Band 8 possesses great 190mAh battery strength and it comes with faster charging than the previous Xiaomi bands. We need to charge it for only an hour and it will last up to 16 days (with the always-on display disabled). Another added benefit is that the fast magnetic charger is in the box.


Live your life more smartly!

Xiaomi smart band is not only better in aspects of design and battery but it features more advanced sensors and multi-screen smart connecting. Such as the quick pop-up window pairing, message notifications, do not disturb(DND) mode, and work routine can be synchronized with Xiaomi's band in mini-seconds. Its 5 ATM water resistance makes it up to the level of all extravagant smartwatches. You can wear it even underwater and take it wherever you travel. So this one band fulfils all the criteria such as a travel gadget, health and fitness tracker, and the ultimate workout partner!


Buy Now

The price of the Xiaomi Smart band 8 is expected to be about 13000 PKR which is quite less in front of its extraordinary features. It will soon be released globally and proudly announces that they will have it first in the entire tech market as the official distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan. They are selling Xiaomi products at the most affordable prices as compared to other shops online. They offer incredible services such as fast delivery nationwide and 10-day replacement with a 3-month repair warranty for all products.

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