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Xiaomi continues to challenge itself to deliver greater innovations. And their devotion to aid humans in living affordable and smart lifestyles remains persistent to date. The brand and it’s exhilarating Mi products keep revolutionizing the way of living, and while Mi fans admire the existing array of eco products, Xiaomi is always there to cherish them with something new and innovative. Xiaomi has recently unveiled an entirely new set of eco products on their official store for online shopping in Pakistan. Here we have a detailed overview of that new Mi fans can expect.

Mi TV Q1 75”

Mi TV Q1 75

In the set of newly unveiled eco products is Xiaomi’s top-tier QLED 4K TV. With its most premium Mi TV Q1, Xiaomi plays with the quantum dot technology and an enormous 75-inch 3840x2160 resolution UHD display, all under a price tag of PKR 394,999. The 4K Mi TV leaps in the world of extreme visuals with sleek and elegant three-sided borderless design combined with 178 degrees of epic viewing angle, all to make your visual experience bezel-less from any viewing point.

The QLED technology is the newest and most advanced iteration that portrays a wilder color gamut, brighter and more vibrant images using the nano-sized Quantum Dot material. The Q1 display offers an astonishing color palette of 1.07 billion colors and Dynamic local dimming to precisely showcases the dark and bright tones. Such precise color shades and a high 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio promises crisp detail even when displaying dark images.

To keep animations and visuals flowing smoothly, we get a 120Hz refresh rate and MEMC technology. The MEMC adds additional frames to improve the quality of low frame rate content. To further enhance this real-to-life visual experience, a high-end audio system is a must, and that is where Xiaomi introduces the premium Dolby Audio and DTS-HD. The dual speakers produce three-dimensional audio that fills the room with cinematic sound.

Besides having such advance and premium visual and audio features the Mi TV Q1 is powerful enough to also act as a Smart Home Hub. Embodying the Android TV 10 operating system, you get smart controls through Google Assistance to control your home devices like lighting, air purifiers, robot vacuums, and many more. The TV is also compatible with Xiaomi PatchWall OS to bring you an endless supply of content from your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.

At the back of the premium metal finish body lies the wide variety of connection ports. There is HDMI x3, USB 2.0 x2, LAN/Ethernet, Digital tuner, Optical, and AV input. Also, there for connectivity is a 360-degree Bluetooth remote control that can operate while pointing in any direction. The TV remote features many one-button operations to optimize the overall use.

Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L

The Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is what you need to devour food you love without being health conscious. The Smart Air Fryer brings you a healthier way of cooking and brings back the joy of eating anything, any time and still being healthy. The 360-degree heated air circulation method uses less oil in cooking delicious meals. The heated air circulation incorporates 1500W high heating power to retains the same crisp as you get from deep frying plus decreasing the overall cooking time. What makes this Air Fryer better than any other is that it’s not just there to assist you in frying your food.

The dual-speed fan can allow temperature-controlled cooking. The Mi Air Fryer can adjust between temperatures from as low as 40 degree to as high as 200 degree. At a low temperature of 40 to 60 degrees, you defrost frozen meat, dry fruits, and ferment vegetables. Upon setting the Mi Air Fryer to medium and higher temperatures, you can either bake or fry to your preference. The Air Fryer features long and calorie-deficient cooking that can last up to 24 hours, so don’t limit yourself to making quick and easy food. You can either use the air fryer for 8 hours straight to yogurt or opt for a long baking section, all with one smart device.

The minimalistic yet smart design of the Mi Air Fryer includes an interactive OLED screen to showcase vital information. Features like pre-scheduled 24 hours cooking to cook in advance, intelligent stop and resume feature (pull the basket to pause cooking), a 3.5-liter volume tank that can cook for 5 in a single go alongside a separate grill for space optimization puts this one ahead of others. The inside layer of the air fryer is durable, wear-resistant, and nonstick material that aids in easy cleaning.

The Mi Air Fryer brings along 100 delicious recipes for you to try and offer smart voice controls via Google Assistant. Get yours from at only PKR 19,999.

Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1200

Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1200

Xiaomi, in its new line of eco-products, also presented a new Wi-Fi Range Extender that cost only PKR 3,599. The Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1200 is the latest solution from Xiaomi for your irritating and weak internet connection. Capable of boosting both the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz bandwidth, the Wi-Fi extender is best if you suffer weak signals, no Wi-Fi in certain rooms, or constant network buffering due to thick walls and large coverage radius. The Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1200 is designed to improve your home or office internet connection and provide a high network speed of 1200Mbps both on the 2.5GHz and 5GHz bandwidth.

The elegant and minimalistic Wi-Fi Extender from Xiaomi, along with increasing the Wi-Fi coverage, also provides an ethernet port to connect your TV, game console, or any other Wired device. With its smart signal indicator, the color-coded indication assists you in finding the prime location for better internet coverage. Through Smart-Link, the Mi Wi-Fi extender makes a stable connection between the router and its self, to automatically connect with devices if the primary link with the router fails. With its Access point mode, you can also create a hotspot.

Just like all other Mi Eco-Products, this one is also a feature easy to install. All you need to do is add your Wi-Fi extender to your Mi home App and from there easily manage your device. Xiaomi’s Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1200 pairs with any router with ease and is the most affordable way of boosting your internet.

Thu Aug 03, 23

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