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Xiaomi is not just a brand but a lifestyle to embrace and a class to cherish. Xiaomi has paved its way towards excellence in quality, comfort and affordability. Mi has keenly devoted its loyalties to the lives of its consumers and thus Xiaomi seems to be more than determined to shape your life the Mi way! Xiaomi has introduced a number of lifestyle products, electric products and computer products in the urge of simplifying your life with style in mind. Xiaomi lifestyle products have a distinctive fan base and yet our Mi fans are addicted to fill the gaps in their everyday routine by perfection offered through Xiaomi’s lifestyle collection.

Unlike other lifestyle brands available in Pakistan, Mi is considerate enough to keep it simple yet smart and productive. being the only official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan brings you the wonders Xiaomi create at your doorstep. Let us today introduce you to some of the most amazing Xiaomi lifestyle products you have been missing on. Tag along till the end to discover how easy life can be with a tinge of innovation and quality added to it. We are sure that these products will change your perspective of life and will make you enjoy the burden you have been bearing heavily until now. So let’s hop on! Your Only Favorite Xiaomi Shop Stop in Pakistan has been attached to Xiaomi since its arrival in Pakistan and hence we are the privileged Xiaomi official partners and distributors. is room to the widest variety of Xiaomi products and can rightly said to be the only Xiaomi store encompassing the entire range of Xiaomi lifestyle products. You can have a look at the entire range of Xiaomi lifestyle collection here at and simply buy products online via our website However, let me make things easier for you and sort out a list of my personal favorites without which I cannot imagine going past my hectic everyday routine. And I am sure that these wonderful lifestyle products will help simplify your lives as well with making them more productive and less hectic. Let’s get started already!

Xiaomi Lifestyle Products for Daily Routine That You Cannot Miss!

Xiaomi’s main ambition is to add class and ease to the lives of its consumers. Thus, Xiaomi lifestyle products are designed to be affordable, stylish and productive. They tend to share the burden of daily chores with you and help you live at an exalted standard. Here are my personal favs from Xiaomi everyday use items, feel free to add the products you love the most in here!

Mi Electric Toothbrush Range

As our day starts off with this simple act of brushing our teeth so the first Xiaomi lifestyle product, I bring forth is the Mi electric toothbrush range. We are now done with the debate of manual vs electric toothbrushes, and it appears that we have a clear winner which are the smart toothbrushes.

Let's spice up your morning routine and make it fun with the Mi tooth brush series. Have a look at the entire range here at

Mi Electric Toothbrush:

Mi Electric Toothbrush

First from the series is this rust-free, waterproof, and metal-free planting brush that has a rated voltage of 3.7 V and is comfortably handy. Compatible with both android and iOS. The electric toothbrush comes with a standard head which can be substituted with other available options at It is a one-time purchase and will serve you for the rest of your life. You can get your hands on this beauty for Rs. 4,499/- here at (Mi Electric Toothbrush)

Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500:

Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500

This ABS made beauty comes with DuPont bristles, is waterproof and rust-free. It has a rated voltage of 3.7 V and has a battery capacity of 700 mAh. The gadget is compatible with android and iOS and can be purchased here at (Mi Smart Electric toothbrush T500) for Rs.5,899/- only.

Mi Electric Toothbrush Head 3-Pack Gum Care:

Mi Electric Toothbrush Head 3-Pack Gum Care

This optional head allows you to be selective with your oral hygiene. The 3-pack gum care toothbrush head is specifically designed to reach for difficult corners of your teeth while keeping your gums safe and clean. It is a replaceable toothbrush head that can be used on either of the Mi electric toothbrushes. You can get 3 of these for Rs.2,500/- here on (Mi Electric Toothbrush Head 3-pack, Gum Care).

Mi Electric Toothbrush Head 3-Pack Regular

Mi Electric Toothbrush Head 3-Pack Regular

This electric toothbrush head is specialized in cleaning every nook and corner of your mouth due to it really narrow nozzle. It can be used for up to 90 days after which you can setup a nozzle replacement alarm and change it then. You can get 3 of these for Rs. 1750/- only at (Mi Electric Toothbrush Head 3-Pack, Regular).

Mi Electric Shaver S500

Mi Electric Shaver S500

Preparing for office can be one hectic routine we are all bound to abide by. And especially if you have to seize that really important business deal than you seriously have to be considerate about your appearance more than usual. Well Xiaomi lifestyle products have got you covered in many ways. The Mi Electric Shaver S500 is all a man needs to shine and leave an impression. This battery-driven Mi electric shaver has 3 precise and safe blade heads that work in circular motion to trim off even the smallest of hair. Check out our customer feedback about this handful gadget.

Mi Electric Shaver S500 Review

It surely is a one time invest that will pay off your life. You can get it for Rs.6,500/- only at (Mi Electric Shaver S500). This have proved to be one of the best Xiaomi electric products.

Mi Weighing Scales

If there is something you have to keep a close eye on, it should be your weight. For that Xiaomi has two amazing products that will allow you to know your body a little more and contribute in helping you live a healthier and physically fitter life.

Mi Smart Scale 2

Mi Smart Scale 2

The first of the two options we are provided by Xiaomi in weighing scales is the Mi Smart Scale 2. It is a very basic, digital weighing scale that displays your body mass. It can accurately measure a weight range of 5 kg to 150 kg with a precision of 0.01. With an option to switch units between kilograms and pounds. And as I have been using it personally so I can testify that it sure is amazing! You can get it delivered at your doorstep for Rs.4,500/- only here at (Mi Smart Scale 2).

Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Mi Body Composition Scale 2

The Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is a rather advanced option to opt for. This amazing product tells you more than just your body mass and can be synced with the MiFit APP in order to receive a complete fitness index and record your progress. The gadget is compatible with android and iOS both. Here have a look at our customer reviews of this wonderful product.

Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Review

You can buy these Xiaomi lifestyle products online here at (Mi Body Composition Scale 2) for Rs. 5,899/- only.

Mi Handheld Garment Steamer

Mi Handheld Garment Steamer

Yes! It is true, I am going to make you enjoy ironing clothes! Who hates ironing clothes? - I do! And I am sure that so will you. However, this amazing Xiaomi Handheld Garment Steamer is going to make your life easy. This handheld steam iron will iron your clothes in the blink of an eye with the rated power of 1200 Watts. This is a must-have item and our customer feedback can assure you that.

Mi Handheld Garment Steamer Review

You can get your hands on this beauty for Rs.5,500/- only at (Mi Handheld Garment Steamer).

Mi Hair Stylers

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to one of the most important and handy electric products by Mi. Which is the Mi Hair Dryer and styler. Xiaomi has introduced two amazing variants of its hair dryers and believe me I love each one of them here have a look at these individually.

Mi Iconic Hair Dryer

Mi Iconic Hair Dryer

The Mi Iconic Hair Dryer is a water-ion hair dryer with high air volume quick drying technology. It has hot and cold air cycles that leaves your hair dry and frizz-free. The double-layer magnetic air nozzle can help you style your hair aswell. Give it a try and you will surely love it! Buy it here at (Mi Ionic Hair Dryer) for Rs.7,499/- only!

Mi Iconic Hair Dryer H300

Mi Iconic Hair Dryer H300

This Mi Hair Dryer is a powerful gadget that will make your hair dry and flawless in no time. The compact size of the products makes it easy to handle while you style your hair in breezy curls or dead straight strands. Either way it is going to make your life a lot easier and classier. Have a look at our customer feedback for this amazing product.

Mi Iconic Hair Dryer H300

Buy it now for Rs.6,499/- only at (Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300).

Another exciting chunk is that all these items come with a 10 days ECO warranty exclusively at by SmartLink Technologies. Moreover, you can avail QisstPay payment gateway on various of these items which allow you to ‘Buy now Pay Later’ also exclusively on Hope you like my list of personal favorites from Xiaomi lifestyle products let me know what you liked the most. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and not spent in performing tiresome chores that you hate every day. So, it was a part by Xiaomi and to your lives easier and much appreciated. Happy Shopping!

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