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Xiaomi E Gift Card

It becomes a big problem when you want to surprise your loved one and you are unaware of their choices and preferences. As the World is advancing gradually, people's daily needs are also increasing and everyone likes to buy a gift that proves to be useful for the next person. Nobody wants to spend their money on useless gifts which end up with zero benefits. Xiaomi has a solution for this problem! They have introduced an E-gift card which you can buy online at and send to your loved ones without any hassle. Now celebrate every occasion in a new way.

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Xiaomi Gift Card

Xiaomi Gift Card Advantages:

  • You can easily send gifts to your relatives who live at long distances.
  • It is the best option for any Head of the Company who wishes to give incentives to their workers.
  • The person to whom you are sending this E-gift card will enjoy a wide range of products at to choose from.
  • You are not required to go anywhere to buy the perfect gift for your partner, friend, siblings or parents.
  • Once you buy an E-gift voucher, you'll be worry-free about handling the cash amount.
  • It is easy, convenient and just a click away!
  • The Xiaomi Gift cards are available in different price ranges so you can buy any of them according to your budget.
  • It is a new way of surprising your beloved relatives and friends.
  • You can schedule the delivery of gift cards in a way that they are sent on the exact day or occasion for which you have special plans.

How can you purchase the Xiaomi Gift Card?

These gift cards are exclusively available at You can buy them through the following steps:

  • Click on the E-gift Card option on
  • Select the gift card of your choice. There are five different packages.
  1. Silver Gift Card worth 5000 Rs
  2. Gold Gift Card worth 10,000 Rs
  3. Diamond Gift Card worth 15,000 Rs
  4. Platinum Gift Card worth 20,000 Rs
  5. Custom Gift Card (you can contact via email and get your E-gift card personalized).
  • Enter the email address of the person whom you want to send.
  • Schedule the delivery date and timing.
  • You can make the payment online using your credit card, debit card or net banking.
  • When payment is done, the Gift card details will be sent to the recipient's email address within 24 hours of purchase.

How Can you use the Xiaomi Gift Card once received?

Those who receive the Xiaomi e-voucher sometimes get confused about how they should make use of it. Here it is explained in some simple steps:

  • Shop the best for you from the extensive range of Xiaomi Products at
  • Select Gift Card from the 'Use Gift Card' option.
  • Click on the 'Place Order' button.
  • If the gift card value is less than the order amount, then you can pay the remaining amount by choosing any of the payment options.
  • The redeemed amount will be subtracted from your Gift Card's available balance.
  • The e-gift cards remain valid for 6 months, so don't forget to redeem within this time limit and buy your favourite tech products from

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