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Role Of AI in Smartphone Apps

Artificial intelligence (AI) in mobile applications has completely transformed the way we interact with our smartphones. AI is taking the World towards a future where our smartphones will become intelligent partners that anticipate our nature and need to rejuvenate our daily lives. It helps your favourite mobile apps to learn your preferences, understand your deportment, and customize the application's functionalities to suit your distinctiveness. Be ready for a fully automated venture while using mobile applications with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML).


A clear understanding of Artificial Intelligence!

Here in this blog, we will guide you about the importance of artificial intelligence and what it is in actuality! Artificial Intelligence leverages computers, machines and mobile applications to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making ability of the human mind. This means that you can enjoy your mobile applications just as if a human partner is sitting next to you because they can now learn from experience, adapt to new inputs, and even perform human-like tasks. AI has played a great role in application performance and optimization.


What is Application Performance and Optimization?

AI algorithms can optimize app performance by analyzing user usage patterns and hence reducing battery consumption, resulting in increased efficiency.

1-  Performance:

      Application performance and optimization include several techniques that are implemented within an organization's IT infrastructure to increase the functionality of a network, including the monitoring of bandwidth capacity, application protocols, overall network traffic, application coding and network latency.

2-  Optimization:

     AI-powered optimization is the process of automating and improving digital marketing operations by using AI and machine learning algorithms. It includes assembling and analyzing huge amounts of data on user behaviour and interactions with digital platforms. So in this way, your mobile applications are developed according to your needs, they provide personalized recommendations and deliver intelligent and context-aware experiences.


Confused between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR):

         Augmented Reality is unlike virtual reality which creates an artificial environment. AR users experience a real-world environment with generated perceptual information presented on top of it. It is used to either visually change real-life environments in some way or to provide additional information to users. The basic benefit of AR is that it manages to blend digital and three-dimensional (3D) components with human perception of nature.

Virtual Reality (VR):

        Virtual Reality is a simulated 3D environment that enables users to explore and interact with virtual surroundings. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed in the 3D worlds. Virtual reality is commonly used in gaming app development. There are 3 categories of Virtual reality:

  • Non-Immersive Virtual Reality: It features a computer-generated virtual environmentwhere the user simultaneously remains aware and controlled by their physical environment.
  • Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality: This type of VR makes sense for educational and training purposes with graphical computing and large projector systems, such as flight simulators for pilot trainees
  • Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality: This type of VR features the most realistic simulation experience, from sight to sound to sometimes even olfactory sensations. Car racing games in mobile applications are an example of immersive virtual reality that provides the user with the sensation of speed and driving skills.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots_ Your ultimate partners!

Chatbot simulates human-like conversation through auditory or textual methods. Virtual assistants also known as virtual agents can answer specific questions, perform specific tasks, and even make recommendations for you according to your desires. Both of these can automate your daily tasks, they can execute commands, scripts or procedures based on user input or predetermined triggers, reducing your efforts and errors.

Some common Virtual Assistants:

  • Siri
  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa (these popular virtual assistants use Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is a branch of AI related to the ability of mobile apps to understand text and spoken words in the same way as a human being can.)

    They can perform various tasks like setting reminders, calling and sending messages, or giving weather updates.

    AI-driven Chatbots:

    Chatbots can handle customer queries in various large-scale companies and provide quick assistance. They can understand natural language and provide relevant responses, enhancing the customer support experience. Thereby, reducing the workload on humans and also the overall company's expense of hiring individuals for customer support.

    A Revolutionized Photography Experience!

    The smart camera powered by AI has made great advancements in the tech World. These cameras have innovated your photography skills. They can point out scenes, objects, and faces, automatically adjusting the settings to click the best possible shot. Numerous modes are being invented such as portrait mode, HDR mode and night mode to suit different scenarios. All of this has happened due to AI algorithms that recognize the surroundings and optimize image quality. Moreover, AI-powered image recognition enables users to search for their precious pictures, making it convenient to find specific images in overcrowded galleries.

    Other AI advancements:

    • It has a great role in securing your private data for example Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, both are AI-driven features!
    • AI-poweredalgorithms enable mobile applications to collect and process large volumes of data, thereby providing useful information that helps in decision-making. One such example includes fitness tracking apps.
    • Speech-to-textrecognition_ allows users to dictate important messages and enables hands-free

    AI is the new Future!

    Amalgamating smartphone applications with AI has incredibly transformed how we connect with our mobile phones. It has made our daily routine easier than before as we can now perform important tasks and stay connected with the World even while driving. It has reduced the work pressure on human beings by providing personalized assistance. AI has now become essential for the smooth and effective running of the smartphones.

    Sat Dec 09, 23

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