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As fast charging becomes the new battlefront for tech manufacturers, companies are stepping into the arena with new and impressively fast chargers. Xiaomi is also a trooper in this battle and has been the leading company in revolutionizing the way we charge our smartphones. The Chinese tech giant is now set toward new heights with its line of Mi chargers, as they showcase such advanced technologies. However, faster chargers are not the only thing on the agenda. With Mi wireless charger, Xiaomi is all set to transform the wireless industry. So here is a review of some of the latest chargers by Xiaomi. We have reviewed a Xiaomi wireless charger, a 65W fast charger, and a Mi car charger.




MI 20W Wireless Charging Stand

In recent years, inductive charging has grown in popularity, and with MI 20W Wireless Charging Stand, Xiaomi facilitates the people with the ongoing trend. The 20W wireless charger is a lightweight and portable charging stand that can accompany you anywhere. The elegantly designed charger has a circular base with the vertical charging stand towering through it. The circular base has an underlayer of silicon to provide a better surface grip. The round base also has a type-c reversible charging plug. The minimalistic charger comes in a matte black finish with two dual inductive coils. The dual-coil design supports charging in any direction, either power your phone vertically while scrolling through Instagram or horizontally charge while enjoying a movie.

The device is impressive and is one of the best charging stands for phones, either android or apple. The compatibility feature ends not here the device, is capable of power through your phone case and charges your smartphone with a 4mm induction distance. Besides 20W of fast charging, the charging stand is also compatible with 5V conventional charging. The intelligent foreign body detection, along with temperature, short circuit, and voltage protection, ensures a longer life span. So, grab your wireless charging stand and change your way of charging devices in just PKR 3,999 coup online from Mistore.

Mi 65W Fast Charger with GaN Tech

Xiaomi is redefining the limit of fast charging with its Mi 65w Fast Charger with GaN Tech. The small and portable brick showcases some groundbreaking performance numbers. The charging brick is 48% smaller than conventional chargers and incorporates third-generation, GaN cool tech black technology. The GaN or gallium nitrated is a heat-efficient semi-conductor that is used widely in the aerospace industry. The high temperature-resistant semi-conductor offers impeccable power conversion than traditional chargers.

The Mi Fast charger is the official charging brick for Xiaomi's Mi 10 Pro and showcases rocking performance stats by fully charging the phone in under 45 min. The charger is also compatible with any iPhone and promises 50% faster charging on the iPhone 11. With the original 5W charging brick, it takes you around 4 hours to fully charge an iPhone 11, while Xiaomi's Mi 65W Fast charger reduces the charging time to 1 hour 50 min, saving 2 hours of your precious time. Besides charging smartphones, you can also power your laptops that support charging through USB Type-C. MacBook Pro and Mi Notebooks are among many other laptops that work well with the charger. Out of the box, the charging brick comes with a USB-C to USB-C one-meter-long fast charging cable.

When it comes to such a high watt charger, safety becomes the number one concern, and rightly so it should be. To ensure a safe but effective charging experience, Xiaomi provides multiple safety measures. The charging brick is protected against high voltage, current overflow, short circuit, overheating, and offers low electromagnetic interference along with anti-static.

The Mi 65W Fast Charger is the premium solution to quickly charge your devices at an affordable price of PKR 5,499. You can order yours online from

Mi 37W Dual Port Car Charger

Up next, we are reviewing a dual-port car charger by Xiaomi that cost only PKR 1,999. The Mi 37W Dual-Port Car Charger is the most affordable and convenient way of enjoying Fast Charging while on the move. The charger provides you two ports to charge your devices simultaneously. The red-colored USB port is for fast flash charging and can charge devices at max 27W. The dual ports provide a total high-speed of 37W output when using simultaneously. The design of this e car charger is impressive yet simple. You have a cylindrical-shaped body that houses two USB charging ports surrounded by a bright white led ring indicator. And on the back are positive and negative nickel-plated anti-skid shrapnel that work with mainstream cigarettes and power ports. Xiaomi wireless car charger can power phones, tablets, game machines, cameras, and most electronic devices. Moreover, in the features of this car charger, we get protection from multiple safety hazards such as temperature, voltage plus current overflow, electromagnetic interference, and short circuit. 37W of dual charging plus a budget price of PKR 2,000 are traits of the best car charger.


All the chargers listed above are available online at Mistore. All Xiaomi products are known for offering the most in a budget price tag. Grab your new car charger and be a part of the Xiaomi family.

Thu May 11, 23

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