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Wasn’t 2018 exciting? Hold onto your horses as Mi has something big in stores for you. After months of teasing Mi Pakistan brings to you an arsenal full of equipment’s that’ll make James Bond himself blush.  Not only are the best sellers back in stock but have bought new friends along the way.

New Arrivals at

Given today’s world conditions no home is safe without a security camera. The Mi 360° home security camera is a simple, yet powerful and feature-rich wireless security camera, it operates on wireless and connected to the cloud for remote monitoring, remote control and remote backup. It also sports onboard storage where users can save the footage and access it from a smartphone at any given time and from any location around the world. So who are you going to call? Mi.

The next line is an exclusive Mi product making its debut for the first time the Yeelight Portable LED lamp. A little something to brighten up your day. With its sleek and bendable design and a battery of 2000mAh it sure is a keeper.

Moreover, introducing the Mi Wireless Charger. The wireless charger has an LED indicator along with a stable sensing distance of up to 4mm, you’ll never have to lift a cable again. That’s not all, non-metal mobile phone case won’t even affect the wireless charging. The new version comes with a universal fast charging supporting 7.5W/10W of fast charging.

Ever since it’s electrifying debut in 2016, Smart link technologies are the official partner for Xiaomi products. Smart link Technologies strives to connect the latest technology with modern and innovative sales techniques to change not only how brands are marketed but also how they define themselves. With amazing after sale services, they sure know how to leave the customers satisfied.

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