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The recently launched POCOPHONE F1 was one of 2018’s most highly anticipated products to be launched in the market by the global technology leader, Xiaomi.

POCOPHONE is a sub-brand of Xiaomiwhich seeks to redefine the smartphone experience by offering the ultimate performance with no frills. Since the device was so highly sought after, our beloved Mi Fans were hooked to grab onto it the minute it was introduced to the market.

The POCOPHONE F1 was exclusively made available on to customers on November 3, 2018 and was out with a bang! POCOPHONE F1 is the master of speed and indeed has proven itself so by the supersonic speed it ran out of stock with. The consumers were ready for the product and it was completely sold out within the first fifteen minutes of going live!

As a well-known fact, Mi products are available on a first come first serve basis and all products run out within minutes of introduction. However, POCOPHONE F1 has literally blown us away with the overwhelming debut it made on our E-Commerce platform- has formerly featured a number of similarly successful launches with said products such as; Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite and Redmi Note 5 etc. This goes to show how highly awaited all Mi products are and how is the platform to seal the deal! The Mi Community is a worldwide group ready for the excellence Xiaomi devices provide bringing timeless innovation for everyone.

Furthermore, Smart-Link Technologies is the pioneer of the E-Commerce market in Pakistan. It is the trendsetter of Flash sales, online shopping and product launches. The success of is one of the record-breaking achievements, reflecting the rapidly increasing conquests of Smart-Link Technologies. It promises to further strengthen and prevail in the market with its diverse approach and arrival of new innovative Mi products.

Wed Oct 20, 21

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