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High Capacity Power Bank for travels

In a World full of electronic devices, running out of battery can be a genuine problem. That's where power banks become the utmost need. They are portable, they conserve energy, and they can charge your essential devices when you are traveling. Some may say that power banks are unnecessary, but when traditional power sources are unavailable, power banks prove to be life-saving! High-capacity power banks can even charge your laptops, tablets and cameras so that you can connect with the World anywhere and cherish your travel memories. Now don't miss out on your office chores even while travelling out of town with the use of fast-charging power banks.


What is the working mode of Power banks?

A power bank's working efficiency is measured in watt-hours(wh). This measures the amount of energy it can store and liberate at a certain time. Its battery capacity is measured as mAh. The higher the battery capacity, the more it will assist you in charging all of your necessary gadgets. Moreover, the greater the power efficiency (watt-hours), the quicker it can charge your devices. Power banks have certain ports for plugging in your device's charging wire.


Why there is a need for Power banks while traveling?

Travelling is truly not possible without power banks as they let your devices get charged without the conventional switches. For instance, if your destination is a mountainous area where there are no connections available, you can still connect with your loved ones by charging your mobile phones on time! You can share your pictures with them on the spot, and hence you can wipe off their worries about your health and safety.


Categories of Power banks at a glance:

There are different types of power banks available in the tech market and each one of them possesses a unique set of functions and benefits.


1- Solar Power banks

As the name says, they get charged when under sunlight and they feature a photovoltaic panel for this purpose. They are perfect for long trips, camping or any outdoor picnic during the day. Their added benefit is that they are sustainable and good for the environment.


2- Universal Power banks

    They lie in the most demanding category of power banks. They can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and laptops. They commonly come with a USB port for connecting charging wires.


    3- Wireless Power banks

      Wireless Power banks are not so common and are rarely available in the market. They can charge your devices even without the hassle of wires. You just need to place the device that needs to be charged on top of the power bank and it gets done if your device also features wireless charging.


      How to select the right Power bank?

       As there is a vast range of power banks available in the market with different specs and details, it might become difficult for you to make a perfect choice! Here are some factors which you should consider before making the final decision:


      1- Size

        As the power banks are mainly used when you are on the go, they must be compact enough to fit in your small travel backpack. It should not occupy a larger space and must be lightweight so that it is portable to carry everywhere.


        2- Power output

          It is the ability of a power bank to charge heavy devices so you must check its power output that either it can charge your gadgets or not. You can match it with the power (in volts) required for your devices with the power of the bank you are going to buy.


          3- Capacity

            The greater capacity a power bank has, the greater the amount of charge it can hold. So if you wish to charge more gadgets and for a longer journey then opt for a high-capacity power bank such as a 10000 mAh power bank or Xiaomi's latest 20000 mAh power bank.


            4- Fast charging

            During traveling, your stay at hotels is quite less so you won't have to wait for long hours so that your power bank gets fully charged. If you wish to save time, look for power banks that offer fast charging.


            5- Safety is Priority

              You should go through each and every detail of the power bank before buying. A very important factor is the safety features like overcharge prevention, short-circuit protection and temperature control.         


              Mi Power Bank 3

              A great recommendation for travelling would be the Mi Power Bank 3. Xiaomi is famous for introducing unique and most economical power banks and chargers. The Best Power Bank features a 10000 mAh capacity with a classy and compact design, a high-quality battery core and smart fast charging. Its weight is negligible and it is so portable that it fits right in your pocket. You can charge your smartphone thrice with this exceptional power bank. It can also charge the high-end Apple iPhones within no time. It is compatible with majority of the smartphones and tablets.

              The high-quality IC chips make it safer for everyday use. It covers all the safety features mentioned above and renders extraordinary performance.


              Buy economical Power banks Online

              After making the right choice, you must look for an authentic website or store for buying. is the one-stop shop for purchasing original products at the most affordable rates in the entire tech market. So you can order your power bank online and receive it at the ease of your home. is the official distributor of Xiaomi products in Pakistan and they have been selling Mi products for several years. They offer amazing discounts and fast delivery service nationwide so buy now!


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