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Not To Miss Health And Fitness Gadgets By Xiaomi-Mi Watch Lite, Mi Watch And Mi Band 6

Xiaomi has also proved to be the top selling brand when it comes to accessories, encompassing the entire life of its customers. Not only that Xiaomi offers a wide variety of products to choose from but also that it has the finest quality products available in the market. Xiaomi accessories tend to create a Mi Lifestyle for its customers that is more convenient and efficient.

 Xiaomi is not just a technology brand rather it is an innovative lifestyle to embrace. Xiaomi always introduces its products with the ambition to enhance and facilitate the quality life of its customers taking special consideration about the health of its consumers.

Mi has indeed revolutionized the entire perspective of health and fitness in ways beyond imagination. Xiaomi is ambitious to keep the health and activity of its consumers under constant observation with further recording and analyzing it to provide health alerts before it gets too late. And all of this with absolutely zero effort made by the bearer. 

Today we are to discuss the top 3 health and fitness gadget from Xiaomi you can use to monitor, measure, and analyze the health conditions of yourself or your loved ones in order to take precautions beforehand. It’s all about Mi Watch, Mi Watch Lite and Mi Band 6. 

Mi Watch And Mi Watch Lite

-Your Personal Physical Health Coach At Hand

When it comes to top quality android watches nothing can beat Xiaomi as it is accustomed of producing trendy, elegant and highly practical smart watches. Xiaomi’s android smartwatches are not only all that it takes to qualify for the best smartwatches in Pakistan but also that the smart watch prices they have set are extremely affordable and pocket friendly. These gear watches are high-tech, feature-packed gadgets, that are fully equipped with all the necessary elements to monitor, record, and analyze your physical health for you to be cautious and motivated all at the same time.

Let us get into the Mi Smart Watch first. The Mi Watch can rightly be called as a complete lifestyle at hand, reason being that it is feature-packed like no other smart watch. This 32-gram light-weighted gadget comes in a round dial that offers a 1.39-inch, 326 ppi high-resolution display and has 100+ watch faces to choose from. Mi Watch comes with a wireless, magnetic charger that take about 2 hours to fully charge and offers 3 battery modes with timings accordingly.

  1. Typical usage mode: Battery Life of as long as 16 days
  2. Long battery mode: Battery Life of as long as 22 days
  3. Workout mode: Battery Life of as long as 50 days

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In addition to that, the Mi smartwatch is equipped with high-end GPS chip works with ultra-low-power algorithms to continuously record 50-hours of movement with real-time positioning for sports. The Mi Watch is compatible with all Android phones (Android 5.0 and Above) and All iOS phones (iOS 10.0 and Above).

Here are the most eminent features of Xiaomi smart watch: 

  1. 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor:
  2. Sleep tracking:
  3. Stress Monitoring:
  4. Breathing Training:
  5. Blood Oxygen Concentration Testing:
  6. Vital Signs Monitor:
  7. 117 workout modes:
  8. Automatic Detection of Workout Start/Stop
  9. High-end Technology to Record Movements
  10. Firstbeat
  11. Water Resistant

Let us come to the Mi watch price now. The Mi Watch can rightly be called the best equipped smartwatch available at the most affordable price in the market today. It is tagged as of Rs.26,100. But there is more to it! Smart Link Technologies via is selling it at a drastically discounted Mi smart watch price of Rs.19,999!

Isn’t that a treat? Head on to to get yours now!

Well, coming to the Mi Watch Lite now. The Xiaomi Mi watch lite comes with a Built-in GPS/GLONASS dolled up with a stylish 1.4'' rectangular color display. It is further equipped with 5 ATM water resistant technology for up to 50m and offers about 120+ watch faces for you to carry along your style enabling you to create 1000+ blends of customizable looks. The mi watch lite comes in 5 aesthetic colors to add a tinge of perfection to your fashion sense.  The mi watch lite has a battery life of up to 9 days straight and 10 hours of continuous GPS sports mode with a charging time of 2 hours only. The device comes along with its personalized mobile application enabling you to calculate your and monitor your daily activity and health progress on a click. The mi watch lite reviews are a hit as our Mi fans loved every bit of it. 

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Here are the most eminent features of Xiaomi smart watch lite: 

  1. Heart rate
  2. sleep monitoring
  3. 11 workout modes
  4. Accurate tracking of trajectory, speed, distance and calories burnt
  5. 1 to 5 minutes of breathing exercises
  6. Notification alerts
  7. Music control
  8. Activity reminders
  9. Basic Phone tools; flashlight, alarm, stopwatch, find phone, whether report and more.
  10. Step count

To wrap it all up, let us talk about the Mi watch lite price. The mi watch lite is available at an amazing price of Rs.11,999/- only on the official Xiaomi online store in Pakistan.

Mi Band 6-The All In One Fitness Guru For You

Not everyone is a smart watch person. Some people prefer their style to be sleek and minimal. Well Xiaomi has got it covered for you as well. After the triumph success of Mi Bands previously. Xiaomi is all set to welcome another member in the Mi band family that is Xiaomi Mi Band 6. This fitness geek is expected real soon in Pakistan but let me brief you about its super practical features beforehand. 

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Getting on to the Mi band 6 specs. The Mi Band 6 is to be of the classic Mi Band look with the addition of 6 really cool and trendy colour options. The Mi band 6 has an AMOLED 326 ppi full screen display of 1.56" with an option to choose between 60+ band displays. With that it has a 50m water resistance thus can be worn while swimming. The Mi band comes with a magnetic charger that enables you to charge it directly without removing its strap. The gadget has a 14-day extra-long battery life that may be further extended to 19-days by turning on the power saving mode. 

Here are the most eminent Mi Band 6 features: 

  1. 30 fitness modes
  2. Auto detection of six fitness modes
  3. 24h heart rate monitoring
  4. Keeping track of ups and downs
  5. SpO2 tracking
  6. Sleep breathing quality tracking
  7. Personal activity intelligence
  8. Stress monitoring.
  9. Breathing exercises
  10. Female health tracking

We can’t wait for the Mi band 6 review from our Mi fans. With that being said lets get to know the mi band 6 price as for this super handy health gadget it will be worth every rupee. The device is to be launched at a price of Rs.6,700/- but as always is pleased to announce an early bird discounted price of Rs.6,300/- for its customers. is the official distributor of Xiaomi in Pakistan. It is the only online mobile store that is Xiaomi exclusive and authorized. All the products provided my are directly purchased from Xiaomi and are delivered safe and sound to your doorsteps. We are proud to serve our customers with the best of Xiaomi!

Thu Jul 07, 22

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