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Xiaomi has once again proved itself the trend setter and a brand that really care for its customer’s experience with product and in recent launch of 8th series of Redmi Note has yet again proved Xiaomi’s commitment and determination towards its loyal customers and its spectacular products.

Xiaomi has recently launched Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 pro in Pakistan, Redmi Note 8 is the successor of Xiaomi’s one of the most successful phone Redmi note 7. Beside the fact that product has first ever 64MP quad camera, it has something, which is completely designed to facilitate the specific segment of the market and it has happened for the very first time that any brand has launched a product dedicated to specific segment of the market. You can buy this amazing product from our official online

What’s new?

For the very first time in market Xiaomi has launched a product that has 91.4% Screens to Body ratio and it’s the maximum screen to body ratio that any other brand has ever offered. This ratio makes Redmi Note 8 invincible in market. Xiaomi has developed this wide screen with the view of Ultra HD high resolution for gaming and videos. The product is inevitable for the gaming enthusiasts and perfectionists, because the wide screen will not only give you great and exciting

gaming experience, but it’ll also manifest the perfection and electrified portrayal of high definition pictures.

The product is readily available on and on our official mi exclusive stores.



Smartlink Technologies and Xiaomi has always tried to promote innovation and tried to facilitate the customers and fans. All Xiaomi products come with the exceptional aftersales service of Smartlink Technologies.

Thu Jul 14, 22

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