Xiaomi as a brand has revolutionized the world of technology with its breath-taking entry. The Xiaomi products, due to their explicit quality and unraveled innovation, have earned Mi an extremely distinctive status in the global market. Xiaomi products are viewed as the only choice of premium buyers, and they trust Xiaomi fully. From smartphones to smart accessories and ultimately to smart everything, Xiaomi has a wide spectrum of latest technology products to offer to its huge fan base. Whether it be the fastest processor smartphone or the highest megapixel camera phone you will always find Xiaomi acing it most gracefully. However, other than smartphones, Xiaomi lifestyle gadgets and other accessories are also commendable. Especially the Xiaomi audio range is sure to die for!

MiStore.pk is honored to be in the closest association with Xiaomi ever since its arrival in Pakistan. I can say with confidence and gratitude that we are the ones who introduced Xiaomi at its best to Pakistan. In return, Xiaomi has declared us to be their only authorized online store in Pakistan and MiStore.pk has also earned several awards from Xiaomi including the award for being the top Xiaomi distributor in Pakistan. Moreover, we have been declared as the number one e-commerce store in Pakistan by Shopify which means that YOU love the US! None of this would have been possible without you and thus MiStore.pk is determined to put forth the best of Xiaomi for you to benefit from. Today from our menu, let us serve you with an appetite from Xiaomi’s mouthwatering audio range that will quench your technological thirst! Hop on and get to know all about the Redmi Buds 3.

REDMI BUDS 3- Submerge Into The Beat

REDMI BUDS 3- Submerge Into The Beat

Xiaomi is known to have introduced the best audio range one can expect from a technology brand. Xiaomi audio gadgets are engineered to be compact, classy, and super immersive. The Xiaomi audio products range from wireless earbuds to Bluetooth air dots and wireless pocket speakers to tv stereos. All backed up with the latest technology and the best of innovation made available in the utterly reasonable price range. However, this article is going to be all about the newly introduced member of this wide spectrum of Xiaomi audio range which is the Redmi Buds 3.

Rocks Your World With Style And Comfortability

Rocks Your World With Style And Comfortability


Redmi buds 3 are designed to be compact, for you to carry them with ease and comfort. These mi earbuds are designed to perfection to serve the core purpose of attaining 100 percent customer satisfaction. The casing is made to have rounded contours with hard edges for better grip and a high-gloss finish so that cleaning your earbuds charging case wouldn’t be a tiresome task. With that being said, let's jump on to the explicit design of the wireless earbuds. The Redmi earbuds have a semi in-ear design. This, coupled with the extremely light-weighted material used in the making of these earbuds, makes the redmi airdots 3 forgettable lightweights and comforting to the ears. The redmi buds 3 review shows that this beauty won’t hurt your ears even after using it for several hours consistently. Thus, considered to be the best wireless earbuds so far to rock your world in style and comfortability.

Unbeatable Technology Meets Unraveled Innovation

Unbeatable Technology Meets Unraveled Innovation

Xiaomi products are always equipped with the latest technology of the finest quality, engineered with the best of innovation at hand. And the Redmi Buds 3 can be viewed as the perfect example of one such Xiaomi gadget. For connectivity, these mi earbuds are fitted with Qualcomm® QCC3040 BLUETOOTH® chipset with Bluetooth 5.2 technology hence delivering you nothing but excellence. Together they ensure that you get a smooth, uninterrupted, and exceptional overall listening experience. In addition to this, these wireless earbuds are equipped with a large 12 mm dynamic driver crafted with composite materials to provide you with the minute details of a beat for you to enjoy. Hence, presenting forth the best sound quality you can experience.

The cherry on top is the fact that these redmi buds 3 have Qualcomm® cVc™ Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression Technology, coupled with their dual high-sensitivity microphones resulting in significantly reduced noise and echoes. Therefore, making them the best noise-canceling earbuds. This means that you get to have crystal clear voice conversations with your Xiaomi noise-canceling earbuds.

Playback 90 Minutes Straight After A 10 Minutes Power Nap

Don’t let the compact design of these earbuds fool you, for they have the most powerful technology holding on to them. They are equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery that gives them the longest battery timing you can expect from wireless earbuds. The earbuds have a battery capacity of 35 mAh each that giving them a playback time of 5 hours straight with one charge. With that being said, the casing has an individual batter capacity of 310 mAh which means that together they will give you a battery timing of 20 hours straight!

And that isn’t all, the Mi earbuds 3 are capable of playing approximately 300 songs back to back. Moreover, only after a charging time of 10 minutes, you can start using the device again for 90 minutes straight. This means that your party on the go never has to wait!

Distinctive Features Acing Distinctive Audio Experience

Distinctive Features Acing Distinctive Audio Experience

Other than the amazing mainstream features that the Redmi airdots 3 are packed with, there are several other unique features that this audio gadget has to offer. For instance, they offer hassle-free connectivity. The Redmi earbuds 3 has a quick connectivity mechanism that only requires you to pop up the casing cover for instant pairing. Simply open your earbud’s charging casing while being in the connectivity range of your mobile phone and click on the pop-up window on your mobile screen to connect. Moreover, press the button on the casing to cherish the One-touch reset option.

Even more useful are the touch features that these Mi airdots 3 have to offer. All you have to do is tap the rear sensor on the earbuds to take full control of your device. Tap twice to jump to the next track or answer a call, press and hold for the play/pause option, tap thrice to go back to a track, or reject a call. Isn’t that simple yet empowering?

In addition to this, the Redmi buds 3 support smart wear detection. This means that whenever you wear off an earbud the audio will automatically pause. For ultimate comfortability and wearability, the Redmi earbuds 3 are made to be IP54 dust and water-resistant. This gives you level 5 dustproof and level 4 water-proof audio gadgets to enjoy. Read all about the amazing features of this handy audio gadget here at MiStore.pk (redmi buds 3).

Affordability At Its Best

Coming on to the Redmi buds 3 prices in Pakistan. Considering the technology and innovation this device is equipped with and how feature-packed it is one can expect it to be a bit costly. However, as we all are well aware of the fact that Xiaomi never seizes to surprise its consumers by introducing the latest technology products made available at unbelievably low prices. And even more commendable is MiStore.pk which makes sure that their Mi fans get hold of them at even lesser rates.

The market price of Redmi Buds 3 by Xiaomi is Rs. 8,000/- However, MiStore.pk is offering a whopping discount on them right now and thus you can get them for Rs.6,999/- only! This isn’t all, with a range of payment gateways being offered at MiStore.pk you can also avail yourself to ‘Buy Now And Pay Later’ by purchasing via interest-free installments plan offered by MiStore.pk via QisstPay. Moreover, you will also get a MiStore.pk exclusive 10 days eco warranty along. So what are you waiting for? Head on to MiStore.pk (redmi buds 3) right away and get your hands on this amazing audio gadget! Happy Shopping.


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