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Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34"

Surround yourself with an exciting and
immersive gaming and entertainment experience


UltraWide Screen


3440×1440 Resolution


Extreme Curvature

121% sRGB

Wide Color Gamut


High Refresh Rate

FreeSync Premium

Variable Refresh Rate Technology

Low Blue Light,
No Visible Flicker*

Low Blue Light Mode

Exciting and Immersive Gaming Experience

Wide field of view and ultra-high definition,
smooth picture puts you in control at the center of the action

21:9 UltraWide Panoramic View
Lets you assess the entire landscape
at a glance to give you the advantage

The 21:9 gaming interface provides a 30% wider view than
standard 16:9 monitors.
Especially in real-time strategy and first-person shooter games,
the wider field of view lets you see in-game developments first,
giving you the advantage.

Ultra-high definition, high brightness, high contrast
Stunning scenes demand stunning, high-definition picture quality

Ultra-clear picture quality,
down to the finest detail

Ultra-high-definition 3440 × 1440 resolution reveals
exquisitely realistic detail in every corner of the scene,
bringing spectacular game worlds to life.


UHD resolution

High brightness and high contrast ratio
generate bright and vivid images

With brightness up to 300 nits and a high 3000:1 contrast
ratio, the monitor displays clear, vivid beautiful images from
blinding white to midnight black.




Contrast ratio

1500R Extreme Curvature

The 1500R extreme curvature design feels like being surrounded by the screen, giving you an immersive panoramic view. The curved
screen creates a smaller visual inclination angle, so that every point on the screen is almost equally distant from your eyes, reducing
visual distortion and giving you a more realistic view of every corner.

High 144Hz Refresh Rate
High-speed response puts you one step ahead of the action

The high 144 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time effectively reduce stutter and ghosting in games.
In shooting games that require quick reactions,
this makes it easier to accurately lock onto and hit your target when speed it the key to winning.

60 Hz refresh rate
144 Hz refresh rate

AMD FreeSync Premium
Fights screen tearing for smooth picture

AMD FreeSync Premium technology keeps the picture in sync with high frame rate input, reducing stutter, lines and screen tearing
when gaming, for a smoother picture that gives you a major advantage.

Screen tearing
No screen tearing

Immersive audio-visual entertainment experience

Put yourself in the middle of every movie you see,
with panoramic images filling the screen

121% sRGB Wide Color Gamut
Breathtakingly Vivid Color*

The monitor can display a theoretical maximum of 16.7 million true colors in rich color depth, and the wide color gamut of up to 121%
sRGB shows exquisite colors in vivid detail. Outstanding color performance creates life-like images. This combines with the 1500R
curved panoramic screen, to deliver a more immersive audio-visual entertainment experience.


sRGB Color Gamut


Native 8-Bit Truecolor

An immersive experience
Like watching a movie on a screen with no edges

The thin 2 mm bezel not only increases the screen-to-body ratio, but also makes the screen edge less distracting.
The 21:9 ultra-wide image is also closer to movie theater screen dimensions. Combined with the panoramic curved screen, this offers a
theater quality viewing experience that makes it easier to lose yourself in the movie.

More professional and efficient productivity

Increases efficiency, reduces fatigue, and meets the
professional needs of a wide range of jobs

One screen splits
into multiple screens
To make multi-tasking easy

The 21:9 aspect ratio extends the edge of the screen,
giving you more display space than a standard 16:9
monitor. The wider screen supports split-screen
multi-tasking, so you can open multiple documents at
once and work more efficiently.

More color and precision design

The wider color gamut and expertly designed color
display offer a more precise visual presentation.
The ultra-wide screen can accommodate more images
to make accurate correction easier.

Stock trends at a glance

For those who work in finance, the 21:9 screen ratio
shows more stock information without excessive
scrolling, displaying K-line and trend charts with more
comprehensive and detailed information

Low blue light, no visible flicker*
Protects your eyes to make work easier

Equipped with technology to control and reduce blue light and flicker—filters out high energy blue light for long-lasting clear picture
to effectively reduce eye strain.

Eye protection mode off
Eye protection mode on

Adjustable height tilt/swivel stand
and wall mount*
Adapts to meet a range of
different needs

Designed with your health in mind, the adjustable
monitor stand not only meets the professional needs
of various occupations, but also lets you adjust the
viewing angle for optimum comfort to effectively
prevent neck strain

Adjust height
Wall mount

Invisible cables,
visible neatness

The stand is designed with internal cables, with the
cables passing through the center of the stand. This
keeps the tangle of cables off your desk and gives you
back your space.

All black design,
smooth delicate texturee

The monitor features a high-temperature matte
polyurethane coating, making it smooth and delicate
to the touch.

Easy installation with magnetic
and snap-in connectors

The monitor and stand are designed to snap together,
the entire assembly process requires only one quick
release fastener. Magnetic connectors make the
monitor and stand look like one solid piece, while also
making assembly easier.

*No visible flicker means that under normal operating conditions no flickering can be seen with the naked eye.

*16.7 million colors based on vendor specifications.

*Curvature radius offset is within 10%.

*Low Blue Light certification by TÜV Rheinland (China) Ltd., Certificate ID 1419073035.

*Aspect ratio, resolution, curvature radius, color gamut coverage, refresh rate, brightness and contrast certifications by the National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio and TV Products of China (TIRT),

report number: ITEA7-20193266. Other data, if not specified, are derived from the Xiaomi Laboratory.

*The product supports wall mounting, but the wall mount bracket is sold separately.

*121% sRGB is the area ratio."

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