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18W quick charge

The Xiaomi Mi Car Charger Pro provides one of the outputs for quick charging of Qualcomm QuickCharge compliant devices, eg. Xiaomi , Samsung , etc. devices. It is often essential in the car to get your rechargeable phone charged quickly on the road - no problem with the Car Charger Pro , it quickly recharges your smart devices.

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Dual USB Port - Smart Distribution 5V / 2.4A

Using both USB ports simultaneously, the Xiaomi Car Charger Pro can charge both devices very quickly and intelligently distribute power between the two sockets up to 15W.

High quality circuit controller chip

Built into the Mi Car Cgarger Pro, the control chip has 5 circuit protection, which not only improves charging efficiency, but also protects the car's electronics and charging device.

'Unibody' is a one-part house

The Mi Car Charger Pro automotive quick-fill streamlined metal alloy casing consists of a single piece of copper complete with excellent heat dissipation.

Highly efficient charging

Thanks to the integrated control chip, the Mi Car Charger Pro intelligently distributes charging power between USB ports. Using one of the outputs, 18W QC3.0 quick charge can be used.

Designed for popular models

The Mi Car Charger Pro is a compact and stable charger that fits into most cigarette lighter sockets. The charger with 12 / 24V input voltage is compatible with models on the market.

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