• Mi Sonic ElektrieseTandeborsel

    Smile with Pride and mark your own style. Turn that frown upside down and walk another mile with Mi. Mi Pakistan brings you a little treat for your teeth with its Mi Sonic ElektrieseTandeborsel. The newMi Sonic ElektrieseTandeborsel is another venture by the Xiaomi Team into household product development. The electronic toothbrush is constructed with a base of high-performance magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor which gives way to a high-frequency vibration and strong power to the tool. The said motor...

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  • Mi Max 3

    Mi Max 3

    The leading Chinese brand in the department of technology, Xiaomi has launched its latest product in the much-awaiting market. This said product is the newest Mi Max 3. It is the latest piece of developed technology with a larger screen for an enhanced view, a longer battery life, a stronger SoC and a more sensitive set of cameras, in comparison to the last generation model. The Mi Max range of products is highly successful and popular in the market due...

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  • Mi Home Security Camera 360

    Secure your home with Mi. Let your home outshine on its own with the Mi Home Security Camera 360. Gone are the days of worries of leaving your home alone and going through the hassle of taking precautionary measures. Enjoy the night away with the satisfaction of Mi being home. The Mi Home Security Camera 360 is another one of Xiaomi’s successful ventures into home appliances. The said product consists of 108P HD view and a new generation noise reduction...

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