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The Environmental Benefits of Electric Scooters
If we look at the current environmental conditions all over the World, we are in dire need of Electric Scooters. On average, 75% of the population of Pakistan uses motorbikes which are a great cause of Smog these days. If this great percentage of people switches to electric scooters, then...

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Benefits of having an Air Purifier in your Home!
First of  all, we must have complete knowledge about the AQI and pollution level of the area we live in. Only then we can understand the need for Air Purifiers in our homes and their benefits. As there is a shift from human labor to machines, air is getting polluted day...

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Monitors for Gaming
The display technology changes over time as the preferences of people change. Mobile gaming has undoubtedly taken place, but real gaming enthusiasts still love to indulge themselves in larger screens. This is because the gaming monitors give you an immersive experience throughout the gaming venture. They are designed to make...

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The Best Gaming Phones in Pakistan
The mobile gaming has replaced the consoles in the recent years. So people prefer to buy phones that are not only suitable for their daily needs but also support heavy games. In Pakistan, the trend of mobile gaming is increasing day by day, and therefore, discovering the best  Xiaomi gaming...

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Xiaomi 13T Review
Xiaomi 13T is that flagship phone which you are looking for! It is not only a high-end phone with powerful hardware but it also offers five years of software updates! The exceptional camera, display and ultra-fast processor make it worth buying. This phone has dropped the market value of all...

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Gaming Phones Vs Gaming Consoles: Battle for Gaming Supremacy
Gaming is commonly considered one of the major entertainment in people's lives. People spend many hours playing video games and  Sometimes it becomes a habit and this habit is increasing day by day. Every age group from kids to the elderly is fond of passing their time while playing games. The advancement of technology has accelerated...

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Mi has attracted a large number of Fans in Pakistan and the number is growing.In order to bring all its fans together and create a fun-loving fan base, Mi has devised his own club- Mi Fan Club. Mi Pakistan has taken upon itself to build and consolidate its ever-growing customer and fan base in Pakistan.

There are currently Mi Fans residing in all major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan and etc.

The Club offer you a platform full of opportunities. Get a chance to be invited to exclusive launch events, become a part of upcoming Fan Club Meetups,experience new products, and be a part of a Global platform of Mi community. Moreover, get a chance to win exclusive Mi Products on Global contests and get featured on Xiaomi social media platforms.

To be a part of Mi fan club 

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