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Xiaomi has proved to be the fastest growing technology brand. And since its arrival in Pakistan it has paved ways to nothing but success. Smart Link Technologies by the face of is proud to be the first ever and the greatest Xiaomi official partner ever since it existed in Pakistan. And this is why we don’t share the love from our Mi fans with any other brand. has emerged as the name of trust and deliverance when it comes to buying 100% original Xiaomi products in Pakistan. Moreover, the privilege we cherish is the reason why we always keep the desires of our consumers our top priority. Thus, with quality products, unmatched services and the best discount offers is what we offer our consumers in return. And today we bring yet another surprise offer for you to benefit from! However, this sure is going to be the best discount deals you can ever imagine of. So, tag along to know all about the 10.10 sale.

The Thrill Begins At 10.10

Mark your calendars on 10th October 2021 as our mega 10.10 sale is set to be starting from then. It is going to be a straight 5-day long sale which means that it will end on 15th October 2021. In this time span, we will offer you the best of Xiaomi, at the best possible price, at your favorite Xiaomi exclusive! It is designed to be a two-phase sale for maximized discount opportunity.

How To Take Maximum Benefit From 10.10 Sale?

Now allow me to brief you on how to benefit from our 10.10 sale at its maximum potential. This sale is divided into two parts and believe me this is going to be one fun ride to Discount Paradise. For what we are going to offer you therein isn’t any bluff discount offer but flat discounts on our entire website even on already discounted items! Let’s jump straight to the deets! is well-known for its crazy discount offers and sales. However, this time we experimented to stretch our boundaries to grasp more hearts of our Mi fans. The 10.10 sale is going to be a blast as always with exciting, discounted deals, discount bundles, and sale prices on your favorite Xiaomi products. But in addition to that, this time we have decided to introduce something new for you to benefit from even before the sale starts.

Benefit More From 10.10 Sale Even Before It Starts!

PHASE 1: Pre – Sales (1st to 7th October, 2021)

Phase 1 starts from 1st October 2021 till 7th October 2021 and this is where fun starts! All you need to do in this time is to shop from like you do on any other day but in return you will receive DISCOUNT COUPONS based on the value of your purchase. These coupons can be utilized during the 10.10 sale between 10th to 15th October 2021.

Here is a simple brief of the discount coupons you may receive as per your purchase value:

On shopping for Rs.0 to Rs.10,000 you will receive a flat discount of Rs.250/-

On shopping for Rs.10,001 to Rs.30,000 you will receive a flat discount of Rs.1000/-

On shopping for Rs.30,001 to Rs.50,000 you will receive a flat discount of Rs.2,000/-

On shopping for Rs.50,001 to Rs.70,000 you will receive a flat discount of Rs.2,500/-

On shopping for Rs.70,001+ you will receive a flat discount of Rs.4,000/-

Let me give you an example. Say “Ali” is our loving Mi Fan. He comes to during 1st – 7th October and buys a Mi Air Purifier Pro H worth Rs.53,500. His purchase value falls in Rs.50,001 to Rs.70,000 category so he will receive Rs.2,500/- discount voucher from Now during the 10.10 sale Ali can comeback and use this Rs.2,500/- coupon on any product he wishes to purchase, Mobile* or ECO. The best part is that this discount is applicable on the already discounted products!!! So if Ali wants to buy a product of Rs.2,500 he can get it for FREE!! by using his discount code. That’s awesome!

Please note that discount codes will be delivered to you via Email within 24 - 48 hours after you have received your products purchased during 1st to 7th October,2021.

So, before the actual sale days i.e.: from 10th October 2021 to 15th October 2021. Do this simple trick to receive additional flat discounts of as big as Rs.4,000/- to be availed during the sale days.

Discount Coupons For An Already Super Discounted Sale!?


Phase 2 begins with the actual 10.10 sale from 10th October to 15th October 2021. Our Mi fans who shopped their hearts out during 1st to 7th October will receive exclusive, flat discount codes for discounts as huge as Rs.4,000 along!

These discount coupons will be delivered to them via email. These discount coupons will give them flat price cuts on our entire website for the 10.10 sale! The coupons can be availed during the sale only which means from 10th October to 15th October 2021. Even more surprising is the fact that these discount coupons can be used on already discounted items! Isn’t that great

We are more than thrilled to start off your month with such an exciting sale! Hope this article waves off all your queries regarding the sale but still if you have any queries feel free to contact us via email or our social media handles. Happy Shopping!

*Disclaimer: No discount codes will be awarded on the purchase of Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro. Discounts will not be applied on Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro

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