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The Air Purifiers Promote a Healthy lifestyle

If you are wondering that installing an air purifier in your living area would be beneficial or not then stop thinking, nowadays it has become a necessity due to the highly polluted environment! Air purifiers essentially work by sanitizing the air, which may include pollutants, allergens, and toxins. They actually remove pollen dust, pet odors, cooking fumes, VOC gases, and other odors that irritate your breathing.

So, it is a definite clarification of your ambiguities regarding the working efficiency of air purifiers. At, Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite is an innovation for your healthy living as it comes with advanced features such as filtration of 0.3 micro-meter particles, a compact base area, LED display, an effective coverage area of 25-43 meter square, and a filter replacement reminder service by Xiaomi professionals.

Smart Air Purifier 4

Thinking if you can sleep with an Air Purifier On?

It depends upon your selection that which Air purifier you are inducting, if you chose the Xiaomi Smart Air purifier 4 then it is portable enough to keep at your bedside and it has noise as low as 33.4dB(A). This means that it would be very peaceful to sleep next to an air purifier which will sanitize your air the whole night, ensuring healthy breathing. Not only your home be a source of airborne allergens and mold, but it may also be a source of indoor toxins from cleaning products, personal care products, and more. When these particles live in the air, they can become harmful to your body. Air purifiers also trap these indoor toxins.


It does not take long to purify your entire room's air through an Air Purifier!

You will be amazed by the fact that it is a game of minutes for your air purifier to clean the room because Xiaomi Smart Air purifier 4 Pro purifies 8330l of air per minute which means it takes just 15 mins for a living room of approximately 40meter square to get clean. The negative air ionization gives you air as fresh as in the forests! It comes with smart control and is affiliated with Alexa/Google voice search so that you can adjust it accordingly without disturbing your comfort zone. It also has a night mode feature for undisturbed sleeping.


Types of Air Purifiers available in the Market.

Four different types of air purifiers are available in the market which include -- HEPA filters, Activated Carbon filters, Ionizers, and UV Light air purifiers.

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HEPA filter air purifier

An air purifier with HEPA filters sucks air into the device and passes it through the filter using the internal fans. As they pass through the filter, airborne contaminants get trapped inside the dense materials and clean air flows out of the other side. A HEPA filter can capture fine pollutants as tiny as 0.3 microns in size. This makes it the most well-known among all.


Activated- Carbon air purifier

The primary difference between these two Types Of Air Purifiers is the materials used in the filter. Activated carbon is a specially treated material that has high porosity and can absorb pollutants as air passes through it.


Ionizer air purifier

An ionizer air purifier does not use any filters to clean the air around it. These air purifiers emit negatively charged ions that combine with the airborne specks to make them denser. The denser particles get too massive to move freely in the air and fall onto the ground or other surfaces.


UV light air purifiers

Air purifiers that come with the Ultraviolet (UV) feature use short-wave UV-C light to destroy airborne germs like bacteria and viruses. It uses a method of disinfection called Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). In this method, as air is forced through the device, it passes the UV lamp that directly tries to sterilize the air.


One large air purifier or multiple smaller air purifiers are better?

If you are confused about buying one large or many Small Air Purifiers, then it depends on your room's construction and air circulation. If it has a complex shape, for example, an L shape or a long thin shape then two small air purifiers on either side is a good option but if you are looking for an air purifier that lasts longer, then large HEPA filter purifiers have large air filters with a longer lifespan. Moreover, it depends upon your sensitivity to noise, usually, a single larger air purifier makes less noise, you should check the specifications of the two air purifier models you are comparing.


Ideal Placement Of Air Purifiers

All you require to do is make certain that the front is facing the area opposite to where your bedroom is. If you’re having a hard time picturing this – go into your bedroom entrance and face your bedroom. Where your back is facing is where you’ll want to adjust the air purifier! If you are in doubt about putting it near your bed, then let us tell you that the best place to put an air purifier is somewhere in your breathing zone. The closer the unit is to your head; the shorter length of clean air has to travel before it arrives to you. In the bedroom, this usually interprets as settling the air purifier on a nightstand or small table near the bed. You should run an air purifier 24 hours a day because the allergens or smoke keep on entering your room the whole day.


Air Purifiers: How efficient against Viral cough and Covid'19?

Undoubtedly, the air purifiers trap all the virus and bacteria particles and provide you a good defense against common cough but in Covid'19 cases, you can not completely rely on them.


Signs that you immediately need an Air Purifier!

If you are constantly sneezing, then you may have an accumulation of dust pollen, pet dander, and other particles in your home. Loud snoring, persistent cough, and catching viruses among your family members, again and again, are some reasons that justify the need of installing air purifiers!


Disadvantages of Air Purifiers

In this highly technological world, nothing comes without its disadvantages. For air purifiers, you need to keep the windows closed, the running costs are high, old filters worsen the air quality, regular maintenance is mandatory, and it needs free space around it. But these advantages are quite less in front of its numerous benefits. Don't wait and buy your favorite Xiaomi air purifiers at reasonable prices through

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