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connect Xiaomi Wifi  Range extender N300

Xiaomi always strives to make your life convenient in every possible way. Are you worried about not getting proper Wifi coverage in each room of your house? Now you can install the N300 Wifi range extender for the best signal quality in all areas. Xiaomi has specially designed this wifi extender to expand the network signal that is already present in your home. The installation process is quite simple unlike other wifi routers and you can easily create a secure setup without struggling. Here you can follow a few easy steps to connect the Xiaomi wifi extender:

  • Just bring the Xiaomi wifi range extender N300 near the router. (If you have a Mi router that supports the "MiNET" feature, it has a Mi button on the front).
  • Turn the power on then wait for the yellow indicator light to start flashing.
  • Press the "MiNET" button on the router and wait for connection.
  • When the indicator light turns blue, pairing is complete.
  • Now you can unplug and plug the extender for enhanced signal quality and coverage all over your house.
  • You don't even need to configure the extender repeatedly.
  • Another way of connecting the extender is in the case when you don't have a Mi router. You can visit the Xiaomi Store of AppStore and download the Mi Home App.
  • Open the Mi Home App and add the Wifi Range Extender N300 by clicking the plus button or following the directions given by the app.
  • After successful setup, the blue light will always remain on and you can take the extender to different rooms without operating again.

What if the speed of the wifi range extender is slowed down after some time?

If the network speed is reduced, the wireless environment interference might be the cause. You should immediately check the amplifier status through Mi Wifi or Mi Home App. If the prompt signal is not good, try to decrease the distance between the extender and the main router. Give this process more than one try to achieve the normal speed. In case of any problem, you can always try to reset it. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds and check if the yellow indicator is on. Then complete the reset process for fresh and speedy functioning of the extender.

Tue Jul 02, 24

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