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Mi Smart Band With a Mobile Phone
Make a  life smarter with all new Mi Smart Bands by Xiaomi. They have changed the way you live as everything is now accessible on your wrists. Even when you are exercising, the Mi Fitness Band displays all the important notifications right in front of your eyes. So it is essential to pair it with your mobile phone for a non-stop connection with your loved ones throughout the day. You can also enjoy the fitness features of your Xiaomi Smart Band on your mobile phone by receiving continuous updates once you have created a secure connection. Here is a complete step-by-step guide to connect your mobile phone with the Mi Smart Band :

Steps to Pair Mi Smart Band with your phone

  • First of all, you need to have an account on Xiaomi's Mi Fit App. Download the Mi Fit App from Google Play or Apple App Store - depending on which device you have.
  • Note that you need to keep Bluetooth on for the exchange of data with Mi Smart Band wirelessly.
  • Open the Mi Fit App.
  • Sign in to your existing Mi Fit account. If you don't have one, you can tap on the 'Create an account now' button on the app.
  • Once done, you'll see a screen on the Mi Fit App that will ask you to select the device you want to connect. Select 'Band' You need to bring your Mi Smart Band closer to your phone for an easy connection.
  • Now, the Mi Fit app will ask you to confirm the pair request which you will receive on the Mi Smart Band screen.
  • Select the tick mark icon on your Mi Smart Band to finalize its pairing.
  • When your device gets paired successfully, you are required to allow the notification access from your phone's setting so that you get notifications on your wrist all day long.
  • You can customize the way you get alerts through the Mi Fit App's settings menu. You can filter the notifications you get such as incoming call alerts and other unwanted alerts.

Benefits of Connecting the Mi Fitness Band

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In the long run, you need a portable device which eliminates the need for going to clinics for your routine health checkup. The Redmi Fitness Band is one such device that keeps track of your health with the ease of your wrist. If you connect it to your mobile phone, your living standard will be further enhanced as you benefit from the band's exceptional features on your mobile phone as well. Let's have a look at its numerous benefits:

  1. The Redmi Smart Band monitors your SpO2 levels which is essential for healthy living.
  2. It supports 110+ sports modes which help you carry out your daily exercise even at home. You don't need to go to the gym and pay monthly charges for maintaining your fitness.
  3. In the latest Xiaomi Smart Bands, the display is larger and the resolution is even better so that you can read notifications at a glance.
  4. It will also keep a record of your sleep hours. A peaceful night's sleep is essential for working efficiently during the day.
  5. The straps that come along with the Mi Fitness Band have exciting colours and super comfortable texture so you can wear them all day long.
  6. These smart bands are your ultimate travel partner as you stay connected with the World wherever you go. Even if you are exploring the wonders underwater, this band will still give you alerts at your wrists.
  7. The exciting watch faces of the smart band ensure that you never get bored.
  8. With just a smart band, your heart rate gets monitored and you are protected from a major health risk. If you plan for a weight loss journey, the Xiaomi fitness bands help to count calories and steps you take per day.
  9. If you connect the band to your mobile phone, you can enjoy all these features on your mobile phone so you live a more convenient life.
  10. The Xiaomi Fitness Bands are extremely affordable and yet they offer features which are no less than those of high-end smartwatches. So you can update your lifestyle under your budget.

From Where to Buy Redmi Fitness Bands?

Redmi Fitness Band is an all-rounder device that can help you in many ways and you can take further advantage by connecting it to your phone. In Pakistan, several shops sell master copies and duplicates of original products so you need to be vigilant while selecting the right tech store. is the  mi official store Xiaomi products and they deliver 100% authentic products to your doorsteps. They have a complete range of Redmi Fitness bands so you can choose according to your needs and budget.

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