Mi Pakistan goes an extra mile to bring you the comfort that you deserve.Mi Pakistan brings you ZSH Bath Towel to pamper you with the true essence of relaxation. Let the trance of your bath pave way for your inner peace.

The Xiaomi ZSH Bath Towel is a venture into the larger market based on all its characteristics. Its fibers are constructed from Sinkiang long-staple cotton and provide 1.6s powerful absorption with the ability to rid hair of excess water immediately. An anti-mite material Swedish Polygene with antibacterial technology prevents growth of fungi, bacterium, mites and wards of odor as well. The construct of the towel is 580g in thickness and is highly skin friendly. Since the material is also antibacterial, said product can help rejuvenate acne-prone skin. The long-staple cotton fibers are helpful in avoiding early aging of skin and they are very gentle.

The ZSH Bath Towel is a wonder product as its shedding rate is close to 0 which helps keep the material soft and thick. Furthermore, this also helps keeping the drains unclogged after washing. The Xiaomi Team can guarantee that product to be skin- friendly and in turn customer friendly as its hosts no addictives or chemical softeners. The bright color of the product also indicates the patented sealing package ensures the cleanliness of the towel before customer usage. The product is available in diverse colors to meet customer preference.

Smart Link Technologies not only excels in Xiaomi's product launches but has also made a renowned name for itself with the launch of 11 exclusive Mistores and 6 Customer Care Centers nationwide. It’s after sale service is considered to be one of the finest and fastest due to the additional resources invested for the adequate technical training of its employees.
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