It is a commonly understood fact that Mi Pakistan is affiliated with one of Pakistan’s most prolific E-Commerce platforms; Daraz. This relationship has been most profitable on both sides of the bargain. Mi Pakistan remains one of the top most brands on Daraz. This duo, for a fact, made products easily available to the thousands in number of the Mi fan base. 

One of the major events that Daraz brings forth for its customers in cahoots with Mi Pakistan is the upcoming 11.11 Mega Sale. This is an event that is for the first time being introduced to the Pakistani consumer and will rattle the records of sale history that both brands hold! The 11.11 Mega Sale will go live tonight at 12 AM, head over to Daraz and fill your carts right away!

11.11 Mega Sale is the ultimate showstopper when it comes to the E-Commerce platforms in Pakistan. Mi Pakistan couldn’t be happier to be at the forefront of it by being the Gold sponsor. We are very proud to see how far Mi Pakistan has come with its journey with Daraz and hoe E-Commerce markets have flourished and yet are still growing at a supersonic speed.

Mi Pakistan will be featuring in the 11.11 Sale, taking forth its goal of providing innovation for everyone. The sale will include a number of Eco-Products such as the following: Mi Wireless Charger, Mi Band 2, Amazefit Pace, Mi Electric Kettle etc.

Other than these, Redmi Note 4 has been the hottest selling model for the longest time followed by Redmi Note 5. Now Redmi Note 6 Pro is going make its debut in Pakistan on 11.11. Mi will be presenting its very own mystery box with products worth Rs. 6,500 above for only Rs. 4,500!

Head over to Mi’s official store on Daraz and fill your carts up with all your favourite Mi products! The Sale, preceded by the Countdown Gala, will go live tonight at 12 AM on Daraz. Mi Pakistan will be among the top brands featuring a bundle of Exclusive, Mega, Teasing, Flash Sales and Launches.

Brace yourselves for the race ahead!

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