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Where are all our Mi fans at? Well, get ready, for Xiaomi and MiStore.pk are all set to celebrate and spread the happiness of the year 2022! You know what we are talking about, don’t you? THE XIAOMI FAN FESTIVAL 2022! Of course. Buckle up and sit back tight, for I am about to flood you with the details of the year’s biggest event ever! As always, this Xiaomi exclusive mega event is going to be a huge hit. Wait up till I fill you in with all the even details, starting and ending dates, amazing, discounted deals, bundles, offers and much more! So, are you ready to feel the magic of innovation?

What Is Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022?

What is Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022

The Xiaomi Fan Festival (XFF) 2022 is an official, annual mega event by Xiaomi. This event has been of the greatest for the Mi fans worldwide as it has the best of innovation offered at unbeatable discount offers. However, this is no ordinary festive sale as it has all the extraordinaries stuffed in it.

The XFF 2022, not only offers amazing discounts, offers, discount bundles and flat price cuts but Xiaomi preserves the best of its innovation to be officially introduced to the world during this mega Xiaomi fan festival. This isn’t all, Xiaomi then makes sure that you get your hands on these new arrivals while enjoying the best incentives on their reveal dates! That sounds mouthwatering doesn’t it?

MiStore.pk Brings Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 To Pakistan

MiStore pk Brings Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 To Pakistan

MiStore.pk being the official Xiaomi exclusive online store in Pakistan is all set to launch and celebrate this Xiaomi mega event in Pakistan. We are proud of the sole associates to Xiaomi when it first arrived in Pakistan and hence, enjoy the privilege we have in terms of business and association with Xiaomi. This strong bond is the main reason why Pakistan considers MiStore.pk as being the bridge between them and Xiaomi.

MiStore.pk is the declared top-distributors of Xiaomi in Pakistan by Xiaomi itself. Moreover, our public demand and trustworthiness is well defined by the recent most award by Shopify for MiStore.pk being the top-performing e-commerce website in Pakistan.

MiStore pakistan Brings Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 to PK

However, it is time for us to pay back your love and appreciation with gratitude and of course unlimited festive sales. Hence, MiStore.pk brings the Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 to Pakistan in the most explicit manner, with offers and bundles served like no other! Stick along to know all the deets about this mega event or head on to MiStore.pk (xiaomi Fan Festival 2022) and have a look at our yet to arrive super deals and bundles.

Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 To Pakistan

The XFF 2022 is all set to go! With Xiaomi and MiStore.pk hands in hands, this mega event is to start from the 6th of April 2022 and will be celebrated with full thrust and vigor. Can you image the impact we can make together? – Xiaomi, MiStore.pk and You!

For event will contain 6 category unlock phases, which will reveal discounts, price cuts, offers and bundles on your favorite Xiaomi products. In addition to that, you will get to witness newest innovation at hand by the introduction of Xiaomi’s new arrivals on awe-strucking incentives. 

Following the leads, acing record-breaking sales, bringing about millions of smiles, this Mi Fest 2022 will end on 10th of April 2022. Leaving you with the best of Xiaomi at hand and delivered gracefully by MiStore.pk at your doorsteps!

6 Awe-Strucking Categories To Unlock - Only At XFF 2022 MiStore.pk

6 Awe Strucking Categories To Unlock at xff 2022 mistore pk

The Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 will have around 6 categories which will unlock themselves day after day as we proceed into the festive feels. These categories contain sorted items as per your interests and market demands. Each category comes with huge discounts, price cuts, and discount bundles. Head on to MiStore.pk and have a look at all the amazing categories we have at hand.



The first category, as per its name, contains the widest spectrum of products made available at the best price cuts. These products are from your most-wanted lists and we would love to spice things up for you. Wanted to get that Mi Band 6 since long but had thoughts? Well, its is now or never, save money as high as Rs.1,500/- on purchasing Mi Band 6 during the XFF 2022 at MiStore.pk. Don’t trust me? Well click here at MiStore.pk (Mi Band 6) and have a look at it yourself.



We, at MiStore.pk, truly admire your love for Xiaomi’s Audio and Charging range. From wireless earbuds to portable Wi-Fi range extenders, MiStore.pk has got it all sparkling for you to buy right away! And guess what’s better? Exclusive discounts and amazing price cuts on these fab items. Go have a look right now at MiStore.pk.



Well, now here is something to tease your curiosity. Yup! We wont be spoiling the big reveal for you. The Xiaomi New Arrivals are all lined up for their great launch at the year’s biggest festival. You better grab a chair for this is going to be a shocking reveal! Let us all celebrate the revolution Xiaomi and MiStore.pk has to offer at the greatest innovation fest!



Who doesn’t love Xiaomi smartphone? -only an imbecile for sure! Xiaomi smartphones are the most feature-packed and affordable phones you can get your hands on. From style to performance and camera to affordability, Xiaomi phones keep no comparison in the mobile industry. MiStore.pk is more thrilled than ever to serve Pakistan with the best of Xiaomi phones with exclusive 3 years mobile warranty along. We offer 100% original, box-packed and PTA approved Xiaomi phones.

CATEGORY 5: Lifestyle And Entertainment


Xiaomi gives a vision of living it the Mi way! Which envisions a life aided by the latest and most affordable innovation that is quadrupled efficiency, productivity, and luxury. The Mi lifestyle is the revolutionary smart life you seek and this XF festival 2022 will ensure that we have got something for everyone.

CATEGORY 6: Households

Xiaomi Households

Last but not the least, comes the Mi Household category which is the most adored in Pakistan. Xiaomi products are aimed to make your lives more convenient and less complicated. Hence, the Xiaomi household products offer double the luxury and productivity simultaneously. Isn’t it getting spicy already?

MiStore.pk delivers the best of Xiaomi all across Pakistan. We offer free, same day delivery in Lahore whereas the fastest delivery time of 48 hours nationwide. MiStore.pk is the sole online and physical Xiaomi exclusive store that has the best return and exchange policy hence, the utmost explicit customer and after sale services. See you on the 6th then! Stay tuned for the mightiest event of the year Xiaomi Fan Festival 2022 with MiStore.pk.


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