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( Mi Desktop Monitor 27", Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S, Mi Cordless Screwdriver, Mi Air fryer)

Xiaomi has celebrated its triumph success in the past year and is now ready to perform even better in this new year of opportunities and joy. Xiaomi is determined to create the concept of Mi life surrounding its consumers and hence transform their traditional living into a much productive and effective smart living. However, what Xiaomi knows is that today’s pace of our lives can prove to be a lot hectic and stressful to catch up with. Therefore, Xiaomi has sworn a vow of loyalty to its consumers and is focused to shape their lives many times more productive and efficient while being convenient simultaneously.

Xiaomi’s introduced products are of premium quality, equipped with high-end technology, and serve the best of their purpose. Additionally, Xiaomi is extremely considerate of its customer’s pockets which have earned Xiaomi the reputation of the most affordable, top-performing technology brand worldwide, specifically in Pakistan. From smart phones to smart lifestyles and hence smart everything Xiaomi never seizes to disappoint its consumers. Hence, whenever another member of the Xiaomi family is brought forth our Mi fans roll over to grab it because they trust the excellence offered by Xiaomi. is privileged to be the closest acquaintance to Xiaomi ever since it existed in Pakistan. We cherish the fact that we are not only the sole authorized Xiaomi exclusive e-store in Pakistan but also Xiaomi’s recognized top distributor in Pakistan. Moreover, we have earned Shopify’s recognition as the top-performing e-commerce store in Pakistan. Hence proved, In simple words, that YOU love as your only Xiaomi shop stop and trust us alone when it comes to shopping online in Pakistan! So, to show our gratitude towards your affections is habitual of announcing astounding Mi Store exclusive discount bundles, flash sales, and discount offers. After all, that being said, now let me steal you away for yet another round of surprise. Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to some new arrivals by Xiaomi that are sure to die for. Sit back tight! Cause we know that you’ll love it!

Xiaomi Eco-Products At Your Service

Xiaomi may be the top manufacturers of mobile phones but what we do know is that Xiaomi is not just a smartphone brand. Besides the Mi phones what has really worked for Xiaomi in the tech market is the Xiaomi lifestyle products commonly referred to as the Mi eco products. These gadgets as suggested by their name are designed to encompass the entire life of a Xiaomi consumers hence add value, grace, and practicality to it. Xiaomi intends to raise its consumers' living standards and hence make life more productive and compassionate for them. is home to the widest range of Xiaomi’s eco-products and thus we are authorized to claim that you love to shop Xiaomi’s lifestyle products at And hence, validate their exceptional quality, deliverance, and productivity. is thrilled to introduce you to four new arrivals by Xiaomi. All these items are recently introduced by Xiaomi in the market, and we take pride in being the first ones to bring them into Pakistan’s tech market. Allow me to introduce you to the all-new members of the Xiaomi family: Mi Desktop Monitor (27 inches), Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S, Mi Cordless Screwdriver, and Mi Air fryer. Tag along till the end to know all about them and the amazingly discounted prices is offering at their launch.

Mi Desktop Monitor (27 Inches)

Mi Desktop Monitor (27 Inches)

Humans have finally reached the epitome of intellect and hence accepting that technology has evolved into a necessity today. Especially this COVID pandemic has served as the final push technology needed to become a major obligation in our lives. Today our economy, education and communication almost solely depends upon technology alone. Hence, Xiaomi has recognized the need at the time and has presented forth the best of tech gadgets to serve us well in these tiering times.

The Mi Desktop Monitor is one such example. This 27-inch monitor, having a display size of approximately 685.98 mm and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolutions is designed to serve you with nothing but excellence. The Mi monitor has an IPS high resolution display that is also equipped with the necessary technology to protect your eyes while still providing you with the best visual experience. With the professional image quality of 1080P FHD & 100% sRGB, the vividness of the display will speak for its quality itself.

However, as always, Mi has kept your comfortability its top priority thus the built-in low-blue light feature allows you to work for hours without irritating or damaging your eyesight. In addition to that, the narrow bezels on three sides of the monitor further enhances your productivity. If that doesn’t sound perfect to you, then this surely will, the Mi desktop monitor 27” has a wide viewing angle of 178° making it fitting for, however, you like to use your desktop computer. This makes it the best desktop monitor for pc as no matter which angle you choose to work from won't affect your visual clarity.

desktop monitor for pc

With that being said further worth mentioning feature of this 27 inch monitor is its compact design and light weightiness. This makes your Mi 27 inch monitor easy to carry around and adjust according to your workspace. Furthermore, if multiple monitors are used it creates the most immersive visual experience as the unique thin-bezel design offers improved angles and enhanced display.

Did I just make it sound like the Mi desktop monitor 27” is all about working? Well, to the contrary, this technological masterpiece is perfect for binge-watching Netflix or for your intensive gaming sessions. Either way, it is going to serve you with a visual experience of a lifetime! Even surprising is the fact that the Xiaomi desktop monitor has been declared to be among the best budget monitors. Tag along to know why!

The Mi 27 inch monitor is made available for only Rs. 41,999/- on your favorite Xiaomi shop Cant trust me? Well, see it yourself here at (Mi Desktop Monitor). Furthermore,, with its 6 plus payment gateways, offers an interest-free installment plan. The setup comes along 10 days, exclusive, eco warranty for you to benefit from. Let me know what you think of it!

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S

Second, on my list, today is the Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S. Well as the name suggests it sure is something meant for the technicians. However, I have it on my list for a reason and if you stick along for long you will get to know it for yourself. This portable air compressor is so far the handiest item I have come across in 2022. The Mi Air Compressor is a wireless, compact device engineered with great precision to fulfill your needs. Are you someone who is very conscious about your car’s security or just lazy to take it to a workshop? Well, then this handy gadget is made just for you!

Mi electric air compressor

The Mi portable electric air compressor is equipped with 5 different modes to inflate tires, sports balls, etc of all kinds. It allows you to inflate your medium with ease and in style. Whether it be your car’s tiers or your football, this device is capable of making itself fit for anything and everything. The Mi electric air compressor works on rechargeable internal 200 mAh lithium batteries. The device is compatible with the mainstream Type-C charger, supports car charging and power bank charging as well. Besides that, its dimensions read 200mm x 78mm x 54mm approximately which makes it the most compact air compressor design to existing!

The Mi electric air compressor has an inflammation pressure range of 0.2 - 10.3 bar and 3 - 150 psi. This means that it takes the Mi air compressor only 20 seconds to ascend from 0 to 150 psi. If fully charged the device can inflate about 8 car tires in a single charge with a time range of 11 minutes per tire. Moreover, the gadget is equipped with highly precise air pressure sensors making ±1 psi precise keeping you tension-free of over or under inflating.

Other highly productive features of this device are that it is capable of inflating from several angles, has multiple accessories along for specified needs, has an air hose switch on/off button to ensure secure use, and comes with a built-in light for easy and comfortable use. To top it all up allow me to present forth the amazingly affordable price of this super handy device. You can buy this Mi electric air compressor 1S on for Rs.6,999/- only. Isn't that a great price for such a feature-packed device? Go look for yourself here at (Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor).

Mi Cordless Screwdriver

Mi Cordless Screwdriver

Next up is the Mi Cordless Screwdriver. 2022 is all about being productive and your own hero, well Xiaomi is onto providing you with just the right tools to do that! This Mi tool kit can say to be the best cordless screwdriver set you can get your hands on. This wireless electric screwdriver tool kit comes with a screwdriver, an extension rod of 60 mm, and 6 different, highly functional heads. It is designed to help you fix your troubles yourself!

The cordless screwdriver has a maximum torque of 5 Newton Meter, a rated voltage of 3.6 Volts, and a no-load speed of 200 rounds per minute. To make it completely cordless and easy to use the device is fitted with powerful batteries that take about 120 to 180 minutes to serve for constant hours straight. Moreover, it serves a precision of C6.3 x 25 mm which lets you work effortlessly and with utmost accuracy.

The cordless screwdriver reviews show that it is a tool of great use and can prove to be the best gifting item for the men in your life. However, I must proclaim in order to set myself free from the accusations of being a saxist that this device will prove to be equally fruitful for women if not more. As far as the cordless screwdriver price in Pakistan is concerned you can get this technological masterpiece for Rs.5,999/- only on If you haven’t checked out this amazing product yet then I must insist you head on straight to (Mi Cordless Screwdriver) and have look at this beauty!

Mi Air Fryer

Mi Air Fryer

Who hasn’t had weight loss as their new year resolution for 2022? Well, I do! Considering the pace at which life is moving at today and how our focus has been totally diverted from self-care and healthy living Xiaomi has decided to introduce, yet another, highly productive member of its eco products family.  The Mi Air Fryer is an engineered masterpiece by Xiaomi, specifically designed to deliver excellence in the most delicious manner.

It is a muti-purpose electrical appliances that allows you to air fry, bake, heat and defrost all at one place in the best possible manner. The Xiaomi Air Fryer is soo much more than an ordinary air fryer and sticks till the end to know why!

Mi best air fryer

First of all, it is the best air fryer available in Pakistan’s market as it is capable of 360° heated air circulation in the minimum required time. This makes every meal healthy and quick to prepare for you. Then comes the fact that, it is not just an air fryer but also a yogurt maker and a fruit dryer. And as mentioned before it also serves the purpose of a microwave and an electric oven all at the same time.

Furthermore, all the other air fryer in Pakistan cannot claim to provide continuous cooking of 24 hours straight but the Mi Air Fryer does! Moreover, it also provides an adjustable temperature range of 40 to 200°C with a feature of smart scheduling that lets you come home to a freshly prepared meal! In addition to that, the smart recipes make it even more user-friendly and enjoyable for even those who are new to cooking. The double-layered non-stick coating not only makes cleaning hassle-free but also allows you to cook with the bare minimum amount of oil.

Mi smart air fryer

Another commendable feature of the Mi Air Fryer is its OLED touch screen that offers a fun customized screen display for you to take full control of your cooking. Furthermore, if you pull out the basket it automatically pauses the cooking in order for you to monitor it in real-time. Know all about the Mi Air Fryer here at (Mi Smart Air Fryer).

The Mi air fryer reviews testify it to be the best air fryer in Pakistan. However, this fact is further enhanced when you compare the air fryer price in Pakistan with the Mi air fryer price in Pakistan. To your surprise, the Mi air fryer is made available for Rs.21,999/- only on and it is the most affordable such an air fryer can get. Moreover, on making a purchase via you will get original, exclusive 10 days ECO warranty along. So head on straight to (Mi Smart Air Fryer) and grab this beauty before it runs out of stock!

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best new arrivals by Xiaomi in 2022 and I am waiting anxiously for you all to try out these amazing products and then let us know your feedbacks! works tirelessly to attain 100% customer satisfaction which is our sole aim. Feel free to add your personal favorites to this list. Happy Shopping!

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