MiStore.pk has been Pakistan’s number 1 ranking Shopify declared online store. We are the biggest authorized Xiaomi online partner store, operational in Pakistan, and this is all due to the love and support we receive from our Mi fans, that means-YOU! Xiaomi as a smart technology brand has never failed its consumers because of its explicit quality products, backed with the latest technology at hand and unmatched affordability offered. And MiStore.pk is privileged to be in the closest association with Xiaomi ever since its arrival in Pakistan. That is why MiStore.pk is home to the widest range of Xiaomi products and declared as the top-seller of MI products by Xiaomi itself. Hence, Pakistan counts on us when purchasing 100% authentic Xiaomi products online in Pakistan and we are more than determined to live up to your expectations.

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As a token of gratitude for the love we receive from you all, we at MiStore.pk, are accustomed of putting forth the greatest sales of all time. MiStore.pk is well-embraced for their discount bundles, frequent sales and amazing deals on all the Xiaomi products. Whether it be Xiaomi smartphone, Xiaomi Eco products or Xiaomi lifestyle there is only one shop stop you need to head to, which is the one and only MiStore.pk. And this is because we are determined to deliver only the best of Xiaomi to Pakistan. However, this time MiStore.pk has planned on to introducing a MEGA Sale! Imagine ordinary sales at MiStore.pk turn out to be a blast then you can envision the magnitude of a sale we claim as to be mega! Allow me to give you sneak peak on what is about to happen in there.

We know that you completely adore the Xiaomi products range made available at our website www.mistore.pk. And known is the fact that Xiaomi lifestyle products are something to die for! So, this time we have made sure that you get what you long for in the most explicit manner and the cheapest rates! Hence, we bring forth the Mega 12.12 Sale at MiStore.pk! I am thrilled to hand over you the deets of this mega event.

The MiStore.pk 12.12 Sale in Pakistan is going to start from 9th of December 2022. The crux of this is sale. It is going to last for 6 days and you will be given up to 25% discount on a wide range of Xiaomi products! Can you believe it? Up to 25% off on MiStore.pk is surely going to be a blast! This sale will be more concentrated towards the items you love the most and of which we receive the highest demand of. These include the widest range of Xiaomi lifestyle products, Xiaomi ECO products and much more. So, mark your calendars and hold on tight because we are going to have a huge audience rushing over us! Make sure you get hold of your favorite items before they run out of stock because we are well aware of the enthusiasm of our Mi fans out there!

MiStore.pk deals in Xiaomi exclusive goods that are 100% authentic and made available in the best possible prices. All the products we deal with come with original Smart Link Technologies warranty of 10 days on ECO products and MiStore.pk exclusive 3-years warranty with Xiaomi smartphones. Moreover, we offer a number of payment gateways including COD, online payment modes and even interest-free installment plans for you to avail! See you at the sale then. Happy Shopping! Check Here: 12.12 SALE 2022


Fri Dec 09, 22

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