The much-hyped GyaraGyara sale on Daraz also brings a mystery box for Mi fans. It’s a box with exclusively hand packed Mi products that are on the wish list of all the Mi fans this 11.11 sale. As the name suggests, it’s a ‘Mystery Box’ so we cannot reveal the products inside but we can definitely give you some insights about the products. Let’s see if you can guess the products inside the mystery box.

A minute to win it!

  • Who would not want to have a gadget that works without batteries & captures all your memories in just one click, could be inside the box.
  • The next product works without a wire and well we all need that in our life, don’t we?
  • The box also holds a product that ensures cleanliness, that’s an easy guess, right?
  • Also, the box has something that will up your stationary game.
  • That’s not it; it also comes with a device that is big on sound and easy to carry.

If you have guessed all the products right, you should definitely add it to the cart right away. And if not, well who doesn’t like surprises. Get your own Mi Mystery Box to unveil the products inside.

Here’s another hint, the box’s price on Daraz is Rs. 4,499 but the actual worth of the products inside is Rs. 6,500. That’s a pretty good deal. Don’t you want to be the first one to unbox this mystery box?

Head over to Mi’s official page on Daraz and get your carts ready for tonight. Make sure to follow the page to get your Mi’s notifications up to date. We can’t wait for tonight, can you?

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